Matte black kitchen mixer taps

A look that continues to be popular for renovators in bathrooms and kitchens is matte black. Whether it's matte black kitchen mixer taps, bathroom taps, shower heads, towel rails, tiles, wall colours, even freestanding baths, matte black has found its way into many home renovations.

When doing a home makeover, the kitchen is a fabulous place to start. It could even be argued that if you're tight for budget, doing a great job on the kitchen and leaving the rest of the house will still make a massive impact on the home and at the same time create a very appealing look for potential buyers down the track.

This is because the hardest work has been done to the most important room in the house.

When you're choosing the style of taps for your contemporary kitchen, matte black is certainly a bold look that'll reward you. Why do people consider mixer taps in matte black, a classic style? Doesn't classic mean... old?

To answer the question, we really need to start with the definition of classic style.

Definition of classic style, matte black kitchen mixer taps

The waters have been so muddied over the years because the terms 'classic' and 'classic style' are used so widely for so many different categories.

There are classic styles in literature, classic architecture, classic art, the list goes on. Overthinking it will do your head in.  

I think the clue is how Encyclopaedia Britannica describes classic literature. "It's the literature of any language in a period notable for..." (wait for it) "...the excellence and enduring quality of its writers' works."

Matte black taps certainly have an excellence and enduring quality about them. The continual popularity of matte black is demonstrating that fact while showing that they're here to stay.

Matte black kitchen mixer taps

The styles of matte black mixer taps

If you look at the different designs today, they're all quite eye catching and diverse. The styles on the market vary from a cutting-edge designer look to styles that would suit a house built in the Victorian era. This broad appeal goes a long way to enhance its enduring qualities.

You'll find matte black taps in styles such as:

  • goose neck
  • high rise
  • square shape
  • shepherd’s crook
  • and more

The fact that the finish is matte black, does something else for the look which is almost subliminal.

A new class of kitchen taps

Think about why people dress in black when they're going out to a special function at night where they'll be seen by their peers. It's because black makes you look... wealthy. It just has that about it.

You see a beautiful black car on the street and you immediately think, 'wow, expensive car'. It's no different when we see matte black kitchen mixer taps and features in a kitchen or bathroom. 'Wow, expensive look'.

The bold, black offset by the other colours in the room makes a fabulous statement. The whole space stands out. Visitors come around and notice it immediately. The kitchen becomes a talking point, the trend catches on and they create the same look with their kitchen.

Why does black have that effect? That's probably a question for a gifted psychologist. One thing we know is, there are still more benefits we haven't mentioned yet.

Matte black kitchen mixer taps

Other benefits of matte black

A white finish gives the appearance of hygiene, but it's hard work. It shows up any marks and stains. To keep the sparkling look takes a lot of cleaning. A matte black finish on the other hand doesn't have that issue. That's just one of the benefits.

Matte black mixer taps are a popular choice because they:

  • don't show up dirt, stains or marks
  • have an instant update effect
  • work in traditional, contemporary, cutting edge, industrial look kitchens
  • blend with white, chrome and other colours beautifully
  • are easy to change when the trend changes
  • are cost effective

It's true, matte black mixer taps have many handy advantages.

What's the greatest advantage of matte black mixer taps?

The answer... they're mixer taps. Bless dear Thomas Campbell for inventing mixer taps all those years ago. They are wonderful to use for many reasons.

Mixer taps:

  • are effortless to turn on
  • require no tightening to turn them off
  • are easy to find a desired temperature
  • easy to operate for children and those with limited hand movement

When your mixer taps are matte black, you are enjoying a classic style because of their excellence and enduring quality.

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