kitchen sinks

If you're designing your new home or doing a major renovation, do yourself a favour and focus on creating a fabulous kitchen and bathroom. These are the two most important rooms in the house that need extra special attention.

When it comes to the kitchen, it brings us to the 4 sensational kitchen sinks you need to know about.

Over the years, designers have worked overtime to create outstanding sink designs, and what we have today is nothing short of amazing.

We know we're talking about sinks, and yes we know they may not seem like the most inspiring of subjects. The thing is that when you look at the big picture when your renovation is complete, you'll be surprised how one of these designer sinks has taken a lead role in transforming the look of your kitchen.

What are the fab 4 sinks?

Fireclay butler kitchen sinks say 'look at me'

If you've never considered butler sinks, now's the time. These sinks do something to your kitchen no other sink does. They bring a fabulous homely feel and take you back to nature. These sinks are equally at home in the farmhouse or contemporary kitchen.

They're 100% natural, organic and recyclable. During manufacturing, they're fired with temperatures that reach thousands of degrees until the clay transforms into a durable, resistance dense material. It's true to say they are unique works of art.

Here are some of the reasons people love fireclay butler sinks:

  • They add a unique feature
  • Homely farmhouse look
  • Sensational in contemporary kitchens
  • Large capacity troughs
  • Very practical for scrubbing pots and pans
  • Nonporous, uniform surface which will not scratch, rust or stain over time

There are single and double fireclay butler sinks depending on the look you're hoping to achieve. You'll certainly create a feature piece with one of these beauties in your kitchen.

Black top mounted double bowl makes a bold statement

Black is a major trend at the moment and just keeps rating as a popular choice of colours for the kitchen. It goes without saying then that a black double bowl is one of the 4 sensational kitchen sinks worth considering.

One in particular is the granite crystallite sink in onyx black. Choose either a single or double bowl for a sensational look. The classic granite sink material has a slightly rough, stony surface providing long-lasting protection, and the finish is easy-to-clean.

The look makes a bold statement and creates a talking point for your new kitchen. Black is a style that is going to be around for a long time, and it will reward your efforts in the kitchen.

kitchen sinks

Minimalist design kitchen sinks create a smooth cutting edge look

There are fabulous stainless steel sinks on the market which feature a drainer with no ribs. The design is smooth, simple, and... minimalist. This less-is-more design goes a long way in creating a cutting-edge designer look for your kitchen.

Other reasons renovators are loving this style of sink is because:

  • it has a hygienic look about it
  • it's easy to clean
  • has soundproofing qualities
  • the grade 302 stainless steel will hold its sheen for a lifetime if you look after it

You can also go one step further in protecting the bottom of the bowl by using a bowl protector.

These minimalist sinks come as a right-hand or left hand bowl depending on your preference and design needs. With one of these, you'll create a beautiful contemporary look to give you an enhanced experience in your kitchen.

The copper sink that turns heads

How many kitchens have you seen with a square copper trough? It is a unique look that impresses when friends come around. It creates a real 'wow' affect.

The beautiful copper finish gives them improved heat retention and deadens the sound, and the benefits don't end there.

kitchen sinks

Here's are other reasons why homeowners are asking for large, square copper troughs:

  • Bold look
  • Greater capacity
  • Quality stainless steel construction with copper coating
  • Hygienic and easy to clean internal corners
  • Versatile to mount: inset, undermount or flush mounting

There are no tap holes which preserves the integrity of the look. These work beautifully with square matte black tapware for a contrasting look, such as the Spectra Double Bowl Copper Sink by Oliveri and matte black Celia kitchen mixer by Nero, both available at Bathware Direct.

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