laundry troughs with cabinet

Generally speaking, the laundry rivals the toilet for the smallest room in the house. The toilet normally wins, but the laundry comes a close second. That lack of space in the laundry can be quite a problem.

This is where compact laundry troughs with cabinet are useful.

They fit into tight spaces and provide enough storage for the many soaps and accessories needed in cleaning, washing, and other tasks. As a bonus, with the cleaners and accessories stored out of the way in the cabinet, the space looks tidier and more inviting.

There are many other benefits as well, which we'll explore.

The practicality of laundry troughs with cabinets

The humble laundry cabinet with its own trough is a very handy unit in more ways than one. If you own several properties, you'll find that it's perfect for your other properties as well as your main dwelling.

They are equally at home in a:

  • granny flat
  • rental property
  • holiday home
  • office
  • factory
  • and more

It's the best solution for a laundry where you don't want to go to any additional expense.

Another advantage of these units is they're hardy, so they stand up to the regular wear and tear from tenants and workers, making them perfect for these scenarios.

laundry troughs with cabinet

Their versatility and benefits

The practicality of being a combination trough and cabinet can't be overestimated. The versatility and features provide the solution for many different scenarios. Let's touch on a few of those.

Compact: this makes it ideal for fitting into tight spaces, such as a small apartment

Robust and hard wearing: these qualities make it the perfect candidate for a rental property, granny flat or apartment

All-in-one free standing unit: this is a very convenient feature making them easy and quick to install

Light: being so light and simple in design makes moving them around and positioning them a breeze

Tap holes: many come with two pre-punched tap holes, one on the right corner and one on the left corner of the unit making them extremely versatile where plumbing is concerned. You can also find units with centre holes.

No matter what your existing plumbing arrangement, there is a design that will work in your space.

Life's a lot easier installing laundry troughs with cabinets.

Don't forget the convenience of the trough size 

One of the best things a combined trough and cabinet has going for it is the actual size of the trough. Generally, they come in a fairly large capacity, such as a 45 litre trough. This is very useful for doing a variety of tasks in the laundry.

You have the space to work without any trouble at all; no bumping against the taps and no water splashing or dripping on the floor. Clothes, sheets and other items can be accommodated so much better. This enhances the laundry experience, reduces the time it takes to do tasks, and makes life just that little bit easier.

If your laundry is a really tight for space, there are smaller 35 litre troughs with matching cabinets that may fit more easily, while still giving you a decent size capacity to work with.    

laundry troughs with cabinet

Stainless steel is a great selling point

One other welcome feature of laundry troughs with a cabinet is their stainless steel construction. This makes them easy to clean and less prone to bacteria build-up. If you're vigilant in keeping them clean, they'll reward you by maintaining their fabulous lustre for a lifetime.

By choosing a unit manufactured with high alloy grade stainless steel, you also benefit from superior resistance to corrosion and rust.

The fixed cabinet is often galvanised steel and powder coated which provides extra durability and strength, and extra protection from the elements.

Being stainless steel:

  • the units are aesthetically pleasing
  • it's easy to find matching tapware
  • it provides a seamless look in the laundry

It's without question they suit a wide variety of domestic and commercial uses.

When space is tight in the laundry, and you need a quick easy install, a combined trough and cabinet is the perfect solution, such as the Everhard Nugleam 35L Soft Close Laundry Unit available at Bathware Direct.

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