Why hand showers and overhead / hand shower combos add convenience to almost any shower

Hand showers and overhead/hand shower combos are very convenient features in your shower

You might be wondering just how good hand showers are!

A typical hand shower is a flexible hose that attaches to a portable shower head. It means you can actually take the shower head off where it sits, hold it in your hand, and move the spray around wherever you need it to go.

Some people like to have just a hand shower. Others prefer to have the overhead / hand shower combination. With the combo you can have a shower using the overhead shower, and then at the push of a button or turn of a knob, the water comes out of the hand shower for when you need to direct the spray more accurately.

Either way, hand showers are the ultimate in convenience. You'll find them very useful to wash down the glass shower screens, and along the edges of the shower base as well. You can even do it all while you're in the shower.

Can you convert a regular shower head to a hand shower or overhead/hand shower combo

In many cases the answer is yes!

It's just a matter of unscrewing the shower head from the shower arm and replacing it with the hand shower or overhead / hand shower combo.

Most shower arms are in the wall. If your shower arm is in the ceiling, there is a renovator's hand shower you can get with a hose that attaches to wall or ceiling shower arms.

In some cases, if the style you buy has a rail, you will need to screw the rail to the tiled wall as part of the installation.

How high should hand showers be for the most convenient use?

The best and most convenient height for the shower head is around 1.7 to 1.8 metres.

If you are simply swapping an old shower head for a new, fixed hand shower, the shower arm in the wall is already plumbed so you won’t have a choice of height. It has to be screwed into the pipe where that currently sits in the wall. In most cases you'll find that it was installed around the 1.8 m mark.

If you're swapping the existing shower head with a sliding rail hand shower, then you will have the luxury of being able to adjust the height of the shower head to what suits you best.

If you are fitting an overhead/shower combo, then most hand showers sit on a bracket attached to a shower rail. The height of the hand shower can be adjusted, like you can with the sliding rail hand shower.

The many different styles of hand showers and overhead/hand shower combos available

You are spoilt for choice with the range of hand showers today. Whichever one you choose will look fabulous in your shower and give your bathroom a real lift.

Here's a snapshot of the styles, features and benefits;

· Hand showers only. Easily screws into the existing wall shower arm.

· Overhead / hand shower combo. A convenient duo. Choose between the overhead shower and the portable hand shower. Many contemporary styles.

Hand Shower on Rail. The hand shower sits on a bracket on a rail. Bracket slides up and down the rail for height adjustment. Ideal for families. Easy to set the height for the next person using the shower.

· Floor standing mixer and shower. The shower arm comes up out of the floor, and the overhead / hand shower combo screws into it.

· Overhead / hand shower combo on arc rail. The rail comes up, out and over the top, so the overhead shower is positioned directly above you.

· Smooth or rippled hose choice. A smooth hose is easy to clean. A rippled hose has a textured look and can sometimes mean more flexibility of movement in the shower.

· Various shape heads, square, round, rectangular, oval, and the up market Italian microphone shower head. (Cube shaped like a microphone, perfect for singing in the shower. Just make sure the spray is pointed away from your mouth!)......Like the Bossini designer Cube Shower on Square Wall Bracket from Bathware Direct.

There’s also a choice of square, round or concealed brackets that screw into the shower arm.

The finishes include; chrome, matte black, brushed gold and nickel.

Whatever your taste and needs, there are hand showers and overhead / hand shower combos just for you and your family.

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