Heated towel rails are one of life's little luxuries that you can afford

How many times have you come out of the shower, dragged the towel off your towel rail, and... it's damp,

How annoying! It's the last thing you need. Heated towel rails are a simple luxury that will change that scenario forever. Your bath or shower experience can be transformed into one of life's great pleasures with the simple ad-dition of a heated towel rail.

Imagine, wrapping yourself in a cosy, warm, dry bath towel when you come out of the shower. Mmm, what a feeling. As warm and reinvigorating as a relaxing sauna.

Woman in Sauna

Now isn't that a luxury you deserve?

What's the difference between electric heated towel rails, hydronic rails and liquid filled rails?

A heated towel rail is a fabulous addition to your bathroom or ensuite, but when it comes to choosing one, which type will work best for you?

Most people don't realize that there are several different heating methods used with heated towel rails;

· Electric Rails. The great thing is they usually heat up within five minutes, and they're at their warmest within 30 minutes, reaching their optimum 30-35 degrees. Now you might be worried about the running costs. An electric heated rail can cost as low as one to three cents an hour to heat. If you add a timer to only have it working when you need it, it's even more cost-effective.

· Hydronic Rails. These are multipurpose wonders, designed to heat the room along with the towels. So you don't just have a nice warm towel, you're benefiting from what you already have. Plus, in the warmer months when you don't need to run your home's hydronic system, the hydronic towel rail can still operate. This is because it has a dual fuel option. You can switch it over to its electric element whenever you need to.

· Liquid Filled Rails. These are similar to hydronic rails but they use an electric element to heat the liquid inside the rail. A bit like the way an oil heater works. When you choose liquid filled rails, they come pre-filled with special anti-corrosion fluid, fully sealed and ready to plug into the wall. They take longer to heat up, reaching about 55 degrees, and warm the room similar to a hydronic towel rail.

Whichever heated towel rails you decide to go with, you're guaranteed a cosy, warm towel after your bath, and that's got to be the best news ever!

A few things to consider when you're buying a heated towel rail

Once you've decided to buy heated towel rails the first thing to consider, probably the most obvious one is, how many people will be using it. Will it be for just one or two towels, or do you and your family use more than one each anyway?

The next thing to keep in mind, is how much space you have in your bathroom. This will determine the width of the towel rails.

What about the location? In case you didn't know, 240 volt items can't be located in the wet zones of a bathroom. This will affect where you can mount it. If the space is tight, then you can overcome the rule by using a 12 volt option instead.

The wiring. For new builds or complete bathroom renovations, you will need to consider the wiring location of the rail, and whether it's going to be wired to a switch or to a timer.

Once you've covered all these points you're on the road to a blissful bathroom. Warm and snug in total comfort.

Heated towel rails have another advantage that you may not have thought about

When you have damp towels hanging on regular towel rails, they can take a long time to dry. In cooler months, this can cause a problem with bacteria build up and unwanted odours.

With heated towel rails this problem is virtually eliminated.

Once you've used the towel, back it goes on the heated towel rail, and within minutes it's warm and dry and ready to use again. No risk of bacteria build up, no risk of unwanted odours.

The benefits prove to be not only aesthetics and convenience, it's also healthier.

Choosing a heated towel rail to match your bathroom decor and tapware is easy

Today there are many different styles of heated towel rails on the market, with a vast choice of widths and heights. It makes renovating your bathroom so easy, because every size bath-room is catered for.

There are freestanding heated towel rails, single heated rails, ladder rail styles, and some people even create a stunning floor to ceiling ladder rail look.

When to comes to the best brands available you can't go past Cob & Pen, Radiant and Thermogroup.

They all look fabulous, and give your bathroom a fresh and inviting look, like the Radiant STR02 Square Heated Ladder at Bathware Direct. At 600cm wide x 1200cm high, with 10 evenly spaced bars, it is a fabulous addition to almost any bathroom.

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