Some of the most exciting bathroom renovation trends 2021 that are inspiring home renovators

Some of the most exciting bathroom renovation trends 2021 that are inspiring home renovators

The most frequented room in the house is the bathroom and it’s looking better than ever. The new designs have been transforming the experience in the bathroom to a level of luxury like never before.

The bathroom renovation trends 2021 from gifted designers continue to inspire and wow renovators. Even though the designers are taking different directions, it seems that the common thread through all the bathroom trends for 2021 is minimalism.


With this in mind, the designers are creating all sorts of fabulous looks, using all kinds of materials. We'll explore some of these, to see which trends inspire you the most.

Which bathroom renovation trends 2021 are inspiring renovators

One of the design ideas trending in 2021 is gold, gold, gold. Gold everywhere. If you are royalty, a movie star, a high-profile sports person, then no doubt you could afford pure 24 carat gold. What decadence. For the rest of us, it's gold plate!

Either way, the look is extraordinary.

The idea is for gold to be the hero colour. Gold framed mirrors, gold taps, decorated gold vanity fronts, gold patterned freestanding baths, even gold featured in the light shades. When you offset this with a rich brown basin, and airy, light coloured walls and floors, the look is nothing short of sensational.

It gives the bathroom an elevated design, and a real warmth.

Another of the bathroom renovation trends 2021 is compact life

Not everyone has the luxury of a grand scale bathroom space, so designers have created luxury compact designs that accommodate small scale living.

The idea is a well organised space and open furniture pieces in a completely minimalist environment.

For instance, lifting everything off the floor. The look incorporates wall hung basins, toilets, and vanities without the chunky drawers and cupboards. Instead the idea is to use the Danish, open systems that remove any sense of clutter at all. The fewer opening doors in the bathroom, the better. This includes walk-in showers.

Designer mixer taps throughout instead of three-piece tapware, and a towel rail ladder system floor-to-ceiling, all contribute to this look.

It means scaling down on the items we store in the bathroom. The way around it is to use a cutting edge, designer trolley for storage that can be wheeled in and out, retaining the openness, and airiness within the bathroom.

Matte black is one of the popular bathroom renovation trends 2021

Blacks and dark grey painted homes and fences started appearing everywhere in areas across Australia, and the look has migrated into the bathroom.

A favourite trend is the use of matte black fixtures, offset by fresh neutral colours for the walls and flooring. Matte black mirror frames, curtains, basin and bath, tapware, lights and even toilet seats are being incorporated into this designer look.

The reverse is also trending; gun metal grey or matte black wall colours and window frames, offset by creams and off-white colours for the ceiling and basins, and light tan furniture pieces. It's a look that continues to trend into 2021.

Woodwork features throughout the bathroom are trending in 2021

Exquisite woodwork craftsmanship is a look that is creating a wow effect in bathrooms.

Cold ceramics and white plaster walls are being replaced by natural woodwork designs and panelling, creating a warm, cosy bathroom space. Natural wooden panels are being incorporated from wall to ceiling, filling the space with an earthy fresh look.

bathroom renovation trends 2021

It's a drastic detour in appearance that offers a unique expression for the clean, contemporary design.

Designers are even incorporating natural unpainted timber window frames, doors and cabinets, and even timber bathtubs and shower mats. Shades of natural wood really add character to the look. Offsetting the timber features with light and dark blues, really works.

One design combines natural wooden aesthetics with a light cream and blue patterned freestanding bath and matching basin, rich Mediterranean blue floor tiles, and strategically placed light cream pebbles. The look is quite stunning.

Bathroom renovation trends 2021 includes an extensive use of marble

Marble gives any space a palatial feel. White marble walls offset by cream or white basins, bath and ceilings, opens the space right up and projects the ultimate clean hygienic look.

Designers are also adding bold colours for a unique stunning effect, like reds and blacks in the fixtures, furniture pieces and tapware.

The alternative is to tone down the brightness with grey accents throughout.

Marble can be used beautifully to create dramatic and bold effects, or clean, neutral designs.

Bathroom makeover ideas are endless, and with affordable products, your bathroom can look sensational

It seems like the list of bathroom renovation trends 2021 just keeps going.

Another one of the modern bathroom trends creates a busy look in the space. At first glance, the bathroom looks cluttered and full, however, this clutter consists of strategically chosen feature pieces, in brilliant colours and shades.

One design used an almost all white bathroom, offset by an orange typewriter on a large round basin, a yellow and black clock on the wall, yellow and orange bath side table with a vintage, bakelite phone on top. There were also Mediterranean blue curtains, and a black step ladder leading up to a large round mirror on the ceiling.

Some of the other designs being received with great applause, include;

  • Blurring the line between exterior and interior. Creating a seamless extension to the outdoor views through the window, glass doors, glass ceiling
  • Unpolished concrete everywhere
  • Tile creativity, especially small tiles in hexagon, diamond, and fish scale patterns
  • Industrial bathrooms with metal elements
  • Vintage bathroom fixtures, visible shower pipes, brass tones and shiny tiles
  • Frameless, frameless, frameless, like the luxury, fully frameless, walk-in shower screen fixed panel at Bathware Direct, 2m high and 1200 cm wide.

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