toilet suite

There are a range of practical, functional and aesthetic elements to consider when selecting a toilet suite for your bathroom or powder room.

Getting the above “recipe” *just right* for your space will ensure you secure the perfect toilet that complements your budget and enhances this essential room in your home!

The main toilet designs available in Australia:

Back to Wall Toilets

  • These are set right against the wall (with no gap) 
  • Back to Wall toilets are easy to install and are easier to clean (no cleaning dust behind the toilet)
  • One of our most popular options that offer a chic, streamlined design aesthetic 

Concealed/Wall Hung Toilets

  • These toilets are wall-mounted and elevated off the floor
  • As you can imagine, the result is sleek, discreet and versatile
  • They are an excellent choice for any bathroom (especially those with space restrictions)

Close Coupled Toilets

  • There is no gap between the cistern and pan (the cistern is mounted to the top of the toilet pan as an integrated unit)
  • It’s a cost-effective option that is easy to clean and maintain
  • There are a variety of styles to choose from

Connector Toilets

  • Also known as a “link suite toilet”, these toilets have the cistern and pan “linked” by the flush pipe (which is hidden by a plate)
  • Highly affordable and suit any bathroom set-out

In-Wall Toilets

  • The cistern is concealed behind the wall and the pan/seat is on the wall/floor
  • It’s a modern, quiet and easy-to-maintain option for your bathroom

Rimless Toilets

  • As the name implies, there is no longer a rim where grime builds up as much and *drumroll please*: no splashing!
  • They offer a premium, luxury experience (and are often the easiest clean)
  • Ideal for modern and minimalist homes

    Tornado Flush Toilets

    • Tornado differs from Rimless in that there are holes under the entire rim of the toilet. The reason for this is to create a directional flush, generating a whirlpool effect which effectively syphons waste out. It is incredibly effective. Couple that with Nano Glaze technology on the inside of the pan and you have our best selling unit - Houston Toilet Suite 

    A Comfortable Toilet Seat/Pan

    Outside of plumbing, seating is one of the most important toilet considerations (there’s a reason some people refer to the toilet in their home as a “throne”)!

    You can maximise your comfort by opting for a soft-close lid/seat to avoid that unsettling “slamming” noise – something that becomes even more essential late at night/in the early morning.

    There’s an extra benefit too: soft close toilets prevent contact/impact damage to the seat and base over time.

    • Our Liwa Toilet features a soft close, quick release seat, but that’s not all! It is a close-coupled toilet with a skew pan (the outlet pipe is plumped off to the side rather than behind/below)

    Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance

    White is undoubtedly the most popular colour for toilet suites:

    • It’s timeless and won’t date
    • Versatile and flattering in almost any style of home – from heritage/classic to contemporary
    • You’ll find the biggest range of toilets in this hue

    The only catch is that white does show dirt/dust, so investing in an easy-to-clean and durable toilet suite is a must-have.

  • We love the Barnett Nano Rimless Toilet Suite that promises to wash more of the pan with its clean, efficient and powerful flush. It’s also a gorgeous streamlined design to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom

    • Another excellent option is our Vega Back to Wall Toilet, which features a raised seat and has a Nano Coated antibacterial finish for a super smooth, non-stick hygienic finish and extra protection. The Matte White finish compliments the Matte White Basin & Bath trends.

    Water Efficiency in Toilets

    The higher the WELS “star rating” (calculated per flush for toilets), the more efficient your toilet suite will be at using (and conserving) water.

    Considering how often a toilet is used, this is not only environmentally friendly but can save you money in the long term.

    • The Geberit In Wall Package has a range of options for buttons – from stunning black glass to smoked glass, matte black with chrome trim, or a classic, crisp white glass finish. Oh, and it also has a high 4-star WELS rating!

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