Shaving Cabinet

One of the most dreaded things in a bathroom? Clutter, mess (and more mess)!

Whether your bathroom is spatially challenged (aka, small) or roomy, a common issue in any bathroom is product clutter and general messiness. 

This happens to be more likely to occur when storage solutions are lacking; which is why your everyday essentials, like toothpaste and shavers, somehow find their way strewn across the sink and surrounds.

In our humble opinion, you simply cannot underestimate the importance of a bathroom shaving cabinet

Finding the right one for your bathroom is easier than ever with the Bathware Direct range. We’ve shared the most popular styles and expert tips when it comes to choosing this must-have bathroom feature below:

The Classic Bathroom Shaving Cabinet

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic, which is why our Scenery range is such a hit!

Each cabinet size in this collection features a mirrored door with pencil edge glass (that can be recessed). Inside the cabinet, you’ll find two fixed shelves to house all of your bathroom essentials. 

The Scenery Pencil Edge single-door cabinet (450mm) is ideally suited to ensuites, guest bathrooms and smaller spaces. The 1200mm cabinet on the other hand features not one, not two – but three harmoniously connected cabinets for bathrooms seeking a high-impact finish, for families or for shared bathrooms in frequent use.

This style suits almost every bathroom, offering incredible value and quality at an affordable price.

 Say farewell to mess and clutter with this style, and hello to the pre-organised shelving inside the cabinet. This makes it easy to have things organised and readily available without any extra effort!

The Undershelf Bathroom Shaving Cabinet

As the name implies, these shelves feature an extra storage option which is visible in the form of a shelf below the main cabinetry.

This means you can quickly grab items in frequent use (such as hair brushes or moisturiser), but it can also be reserved exclusively for styling purposes – i.e., small vases, decorative soaps, aromatic room diffusers and so on!

Items like cologne and perfume can be safely housed behind the closed cabinet to preserve their scent, as well as keeping any medicines out of reach and other items free from dust, clean and concealed (i.e., mess-free)!

We love the Cob & Pen Stora Undershelf Cabinet range which is available in designs that suit small, medium or more spacious bathroom surrounds (from 600 mm-1200 mm sizes).

This 900mm option is the perfect in-betweener and features 2 fixed white gloss shelves, a 150mm undershelf, pencil edge mirrors and push-to-open doors (with soft-close hinges – a must-have).

The Contemporary Statement Bathroom Shaving Cabinet

Seeking a cabinet that is anything but ordinary? Perhaps you want your bathroom to evoke a relaxing sanctuary feel that references a luxe day spa. Achieving this is easier than ever with a unique, sleek mirror and minimalist cabinet shelf combination.

Meet our Rising Moon Mirror and Shaving Shelf; a stunning design that is available with either a white high gloss shelf or a smooth oak shelf. 

Without being imposing, this option becomes a feature of the bathroom, blending in with existing fixtures and fittings with ease,  adding effortless elegance and a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

The smooth, rounded curve of the mirror brings a gorgeous modern touch, whilst the rectangular shelf is so aesthetically pleasing! 

While not technically a cabinet, this option is perfect for bathrooms where most essentials can be stored under the sink or elsewhere as there is less storage space on the shelf than the cabinets above.

Evoking a Theme with your Bathroom Cabinet

You may prefer to pick your bathroom cabinet based on thematic considerations, such as the colour, shape and detailing – and how this fits your overall colour scheme and overall home/bathroom aesthetic. 

For instance, a Hamptons-esqe home, chic country cottage or if you simply favour timeless, elegant, airy whites, our Timberline Boston shaving cabinet combines classic finishes with modern touches for an option that will never go out of style.

It features adjustable shelves, mirrored cabinets and corner display shelves to help bring character to your bathroom. 

If you love this look but prefer something a little more urban and sleeker (say for an inner-city pad or more contemporary home), the same cabinet is available in darker finishes like navy or black satin.

Whatever your personal style and taste preferences, we’re confident we can help you find the perfect bathroom cabinet to elevate and complement your bathroom design at Bathware Direct.

Explore the extensive range here.