best kitchen mixer tap

It’s safe to say that in most homes, the kitchen tap receives frequent use – from handwashing to food prep, clean up and much more; it’s an investment you want to get right.

Also,  since kitchen taps are usually elevated, they are often the first thing you see in your kitchen!

Is a mixer tap the best choice for your kitchen and needs? Well, if you want an option that is simple, and elegant and combines hot and cold water through a single, central spout – the answer is yes! 

Mixer taps allow you to adjust the temperature easily for enhanced usability (compared to separate hot and cold taps). Here are some of the best kitchen mixer taps that exude versatility, practicality and, of course, style:


Versatile finishes


A popular choice for many kitchens as it provides a finish that harmoniously matches most sinks, and also complements stainless steel appliances such as the microwave, oven, and refrigerator. Another plus? Chrome is durable and easy to clean and maintain!

Explore some of the best chrome kitchen mixer tap options here.

Matte Black: 

Sleek and chic, black adds an element of sophistication and a distinctive ambience to any kitchen. 

Mixer taps in this shade contrast well with lighter kitchens (whites, creams, beiges) and also add a grounding touch to a colourful or patterned kitchen. Discover the range of black kitchen mixer taps here.


Gold mixer taps effortlessly add an elegant, luxe touch that is right at home in gorgeous apartments and palatial homes alike.  Brushed gold or high-polished shine – the choice is yours! See our range of gold mixer taps here.


Perfect for the minimalist or classic kitchen, and excellent for creating spacious surroundings.  Often a popular pick in heritage or Hamptons-style kitchens.

Other unique colours and finishes: 

Have a pink Smeg fridge and toaster or another theme/pattern throughout your kitchen? Why not match your kitchen mixer taps as an accent that ties everything together in a fun, yet classy way by creating a unique focal point? 

You could try a brushed rose gold, or even bronze, nickel, or coloured mixer tap.  


The main types of kitchen mixer taps for consideration

  • Single Level Mixer Taps 

Left for hot, right for cold (or vice versa) – your ideal temperature is just one swivel away! You can also adjust water flow by moving the single lever. These types of kitchen mixer taps are both ergonomic and user-friendly.

We love the Dolce Kitchen Mixer Tap, which comes in a chrome or matte black finish to suit a variety of interior décors.  It features flow control settings and an easy-to-grip modular handle.

Recommended for:
a kitchen that wants to combine ease of use with long-lasting style.

  • Twin Level Kitchen Mixer Taps
With this mixer tap type, there will be a lever on each side of the central tap. Separate handles allow you to control hot or cold water for an even flow.


Consider: do you want to switch between taps for temperature control? For some, it can be a bit fiddly to adjust temperature than doing so in one swift motion.

  • Pull-Out Spout Mixer Taps
These are excellent if you cook often in your kitchen because the neck of the tap can be extended by hand. It makes cleaning so easy and is ideal for deeper sinks. Best of all – you can hand-wash larger items like pots, pans and oven trays one-handed!

The Nero Pearl Sink Mixer with Pull-out Spray is available in four premium finishes of exceptional quality. The tap itself features a high Wels rating of 5 for water and energy efficiency.


Recommended for: kitchens seeking a touch of luxury without forgoing functionality. 

  • High Spout Kitchen Mixer Taps

These taps feature more space between the tap and sink providing enhanced space inside the sink too!

These are often found in bathrooms, but can also be used in discerning kitchens that want an elegant touch and the illusion of extra space thanks to the high spout design. Here’s an example from Vivo at Bathware Direct.

Consider: your kitchen layout and tap placement are extra important here – for example, you might not want to put a high spout mixer directly in front of a window.

Selecting the best kitchen mixer tap couldn’t be easier:

At Bathware Direct, you don’t have to settle for style, function or finish – you can have it all with our extensive and exclusive range of the best kitchen mixer taps.

Many of the taps you’ll find with us combine a range of wonderful features in one design to help elevate your kitchen to new heights and define and refine your kitchen style.

They are crafted to last the test of time and the quality is second to none. 

You can explore the range here.