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Bathroom renovations Melbourne is in full swing. Melburnians have great pride in their homes, and driving around the neighbourhood you'll find people everywhere renovating and beautifying their home.

The bathroom is the most frequented place in the home, so it's no wonder starting there is a popular choice. As owners renovate their beautiful, historic homes, some restore their bathrooms to the splendour of yesteryear, others give their bathrooms a cutting-edge contemporary design.

No matter what era your home was built, you'll want the best outcome for your bathroom renovation; not just for your own enjoyment, but for down the track when it's time to sell.

A beautiful bathroom adds value to a home, and makes your property more desirable to buyers.

How to find new design ideas

You can get great design ideas for your bathroom by going to open for inspections in the elite suburbs of Melbourne such as Albert Park or Toorak. It's a very cheeky way of going about it, but can be very fruitful.

Another way is by flicking through home beautiful magazines. The trick is to look for designs that have the same size bathroom space as your bathroom. This will make it easier to accomplish a similar look.

To help you with the design, imagine your bathroom has already been gutted, and do a large 3D sketch of your bathroom. It doesn't have to be draftsman quality, just a rough sketch indicating the location of the entrance, plumbing outlets, electricity switches, window.

You'll need to include:

  • Room measurements, length, width, height
  • Exactly where the exhaust fan is
  • Height the windows are off the ground
  • Height of each of the plumbing outlets from the ground
  • Height of each power switch from the ground

With these measurements, your plan will have the detail you need to know, for what can go where.

Simple ideas for the shower that give it added sophistication

There are several great additions to the shower you may want to consider to take it to the next level.

It includes:

  • Strip draining or square smart tiles. This replaces the traditional large drain hole. The tiler installs metal drain strips between the tiles for the water to fall into. It can be one long strip along the length of the shower, or a strip that goes around the perimeter of one of the tiles. Strip draining is an ingenious way of creating drainage in the shower. It's a minimalist design, making it almost invisible.
  • 4-way diverter valve. 4-way diverters are a fantastic option in a shower/bath setup. It means you can switch the water to four different outlets, such as the shower head, hand shower, rain shower head, and bath spout. You can also have water coming out of two outlets at the same time.

After you’ve taken a shower in your new look bathroom, and step out onto that floor, will it be a cold floor or toasty warm?

Before you tile the floor

tiling bathroom floor with cement

Melbourne is one of the world's most livable cities, and despite the crisp, cold winters, residents love Melbourne. When doing bathroom renovations Melbourne, an important design to include is heated flooring.

Once you've pulled up all the old tiles, you can install something like an underfloor heating kit. These kits are ideal for keeping the tiles warm, and in fact, they warm up the entire room in winter. It enhances your bathroom experience, and is a great selling point down the track.

Underfloor heating is regarded as invisible heat on demand, allergy and asthma friendly, economical to run, programmable, and temperature control safe. The kit is certainly something to factor in to your renovation for maintaining comfort during the colder months.

Set the mood with the right bathroom lighting

Another consideration for stunning bathroom renovations Melbourne is the lighting. It's a wonderful opportunity to create lighting that gives your bathroom a warm welcoming feel.

Ways to achieve this can be through:

  • Luxury vanity wall sconces mounted on either side of the mirror. These look fabulous and add a real touch of class
  • Backlit mirrors. Designer mirrors with backlighting are not only practical, but look sensational
  • Bathroom heater light and exhaust. As well as adding warmth, and protecting the walls and ceiling from mildew, you can use this as the main lighting for the space

It may require some electrical installation work but it’s worth it. The end result will be fabulous.

white ceramic bath tub for bathroom renovations

Other considerations for stunning bathroom renovations Melbourne

If you have the space, another way to make your renovation outstanding is changing a bath/shower arrangement to a separate shower and bath. This will give you the opportunity to create a walk-in shower, and add a freestanding bath. These will add untold sophistication to your space.

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