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Melburnians take a lot of pride in their homes and renovations are a big part of their lives. This includes renovating the most frequented space in the home: the bathroom. There are certain bathroom accessories Melbourne homeowners absolutely love to include in their makeover which we're going to take a look at.

It doesn't take much to improve your bathroom with the right accessories. When it looks fresh and updated, your bathroom not only makes you feel proud, but your bathroom experience is enhanced.

There are a lot of accessories you can choose from, but what are 4 of the most popular bathroom accessories you'll find in Melbourne homes?

Heated towel rails are a huge favourite in Melbourne bathrooms

Something Melbourne is famous for is the chilly weather. Something that goes hand in hand with cold weather is damp towels. They take ages to dry. Stepping out of the bath or shower and reaching for a damp towel is not a pleasurable experience.

A heated towel ladder puts an end to all that.

The key benefits of heated towel ladders include:

  • Dries the towels properly
  • Eliminates the risk of bacteria build-up
  • Provides extra hanging space for larger families
  • Brings a sophistication to the space

In a cold winter, warm dry towels are a real bonus. It's no wonder Melburnians love this bathroom accessory.

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Underfloor tile heating

Something else synonymous with cold winter months is cold bathroom floors. It certainly wakes you up quickly when you're walking on icy-cold floor tiles first thing in the morning. This is why underfloor tile heating is another one of the bathroom accessories Melbourne homeowners love.

When renovating it's best to factor these into your project. Most bathroom renovations usually include removing old floor tiles, so this is your opportunity to install underfloor tile heating. Besides making the tiles toasty warm under your feet, there are other benefits.

A quick summary of underfloor tile heating benefits:

  • Safety
  • Invisible heat on demand
  • Warm and dry floor
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Economical to run
  • Fully programmable
  • Maintenance-free

With underfloor tile heating, your bathroom experience in winter is greatly enhanced. You can be sure this accessory is high on the list of priorities in Melbourne bathrooms.

Shower shelves reduce the clutter

Melbourne is famous for outdoor exercising and activities. Residents take to the bike paths, walking tracks, and jogging paths religiously, especially on a crisp, sunny day.

One exercise they don't like doing is reaching down to pick up bath gels and shampoos off the floor whilst taking a shower. It's inconvenient, annoying and even unhygienic. This is why shower shelves are a popular accessory. There are a plethora of styles on the market making it easy for you to find a shower shelf that matches your shower design.

You should be able to install a shower shelf yourself with the right tools, otherwise it would be relatively inexpensive for a professional to install it because it's such a quick and simple process.

Once installed, you've solved not one, but two problems: your soaps are within handy reach and there's no longer any clutter on the shower floor.

Shower shelves are definitely one of the most popular bathroom accessories Melbourne home owners love.

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Mirrors make a difference

Melburnians are proud of their heritage suburbs which showcase all the classic homes from yesteryear. Homeowners in these areas go to a lot of trouble and expense renovating to present outstanding heritage homes. A common feature and possible drawback of heritage homes is a small bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, an easy way to approach the problem is to simply install a larger mirror. The larger the mirror, the larger the room looks. Simple.

If you're bathroom is a good size already, you can create a fabulous look by installing designer mirrors. Melburnians can be very arty people, and so the fancier and more stylish the mirror, the better.

This could be:

  • Decorative mirrors with all the glamour of a ritzy hotel
  • Art deco mirrors to create a feature piece or continue a theme
  • Narrow vertical mirrors with sconces decorating the spaces around them

Being such a central piece, mirrors make a huge difference to a bathroom such as the creative COB & PEN Rising Moon Mirror & White Shelf at Bathware Direct.

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