semi recessed basin

If you have a small bathroom, you might feel dissappointed at the thought of not being able to enjoy the luxury of space. A semi recessed basin can help turn this dilemna around. With a bit of clever designing, you can open up the space and get a fantastic result from a makeover in a small bathroom or ensuite.

In this article we'll unpack:

  1. What semi recessed means
  2. The ultimate goal when renovating
  3. Where to start your makeover
  4. The benefits and features of the semi recessed style

After reading through this epic blog, you'll be inspired to do a sensational makeover in your bathroom or ensuite.

What is a semi recessed basin?

In case you've never heard of it before, it's a basin that's partly recessed into the bench top. To put it another way, if you stand back and look at one that's been installed it looks like it's sunk a little into the bench. The other feature of this type of basin is how the front end protrudes out from the bench. Why is that?

It's specifically designed for smaller spaces. Being semi recessed, it doesn't take up as much space and doesn't need a deep bench top. It's the 'go to' solution for small bathrooms, ensuites, and powder rooms.

semi recessed basin

The ultimate goal

You've decided to renovate that small bathroom, ensuite or powder room for a reason. What is that reason? Let's consider what you want to achieve by renovating the space.

It might be to:

  • make things more comfortable
  • make a small space more liveable for an elderly person
  • simply update a daggy look
  • give the space a revamp before selling

Whatever the reason is, we're dealing with a small space so the solution is to keep it simple, minimalist, and create as much open space as possible. This can be achieved in two different ways.

Let's have a look at where to start.

Where to start your makeover

If you want to create as much space as possible, the best place to start is by gutting the entire room and starting from scratch. Design it around the existing plumbing to save on costs. Once you've gutted the space, you want to put as little back as possible to avoid clutter. Less is more.

The key is to install a bench with less projection. A normal vanity bench usually projects 450mm or more from the wall into the room. To create space, you can aim for a bench that projects as little as 300mm from the wall. By choosing this you're immediately opening up room in your ensuite or bathroom in a very clever way.

The semi recessed basin is designed for benchtops of this size.

If you go with a basin and bench only, it will expose the plumbing under the bench. This can be a good thing. The effect can make a feature piece out of the shiny, new chrome pipes. It's important to note, you don't need to change any of the plumbing to achieve this feature. With the right chrome pipes, it look fabulous whether they're plumbed through the floor or into the wall.

semi recessed basin

Benefits and features

We've touched on the key advantages already, but what are the other benefits of the semi recessed style?

Let's summarise.

Narrow bench. The bench top only needs to be 300mm deep. This gives you a place for personal cleaning items, while freeing up space in the room.

Choice of sizes. They come in smaller more compact sizes or larger sizes depending on the size of the room and how it works with the design.

Various shapes. There are a variety of shapes enabling you to match the design of the space.

Various types. They're available in a range of configurations with or without tap holes to fit in with your existing plumbing.

Stylish. The range available today is stylish and contemporary.

These basins add a stylish look when they've been installed. The semi recessed design gives them quite a unique appearance, such as the Opal Sole Semi Recessed Basin by Caroma and available online at Bathware Direct.

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