wall hung vanity

When you're going to the trouble of doing a bathroom makeover, you want to make it absolutely stunning. Including a wall hung vanity is a sensational choice for several reasons which we're going to explore.

In this article we'll unpack:

  • What is a wall hung vanity?
  • The six most important benefits
  • Different types available

Armed with this information, you'll be able to achieve a fabulous look in your bathroom.

What is a wall hung vanity?

In case you didn't know and the name still hasn't given it away, it's a vanity that's hung from the wall. It's not touching the floor, so for the first time for many homeowners you can see the entire floor space.

A builder or plumber normally installs it where the existing piping is. He cuts away the area of plaster board where it's going to be hung, installs a noggin to hang it off securely, and then replasters the area with wall board suited to wet areas. He then hangs the vanity securely from this new support hidden in the wall cavity. 

If the waste of your existing floor mounted vanity is plumbed through the floor, the plumber will usually transfer the waste pipe to within the wall, to create a seamless look under the new vanity.

That's what wall hung is.

Yes it's a bit of effort, but the rewards far outweigh the effort required.

Six important benefits  

There are many benefits to having a wall hung vanity which probably explains why many renovators go down this path.  

The first benefit is the look. A vanity that is wall mounted not only brings you into the 21st century, it adds a new level of sophistication and class. The cutting edge design also adds value to your home.

The second benefit is minimalism. Seemingly suspended there in mid air, it adds to the minimalist look which goes a long way towards decluttering.

The third benefit is opening the space. We touched on how you can see the entire floor area with a vanity that is wall mounted. The effect this has on the space is opening it up and making the room look larger.

The fourth benefit is less cleaning. This is a welcome benefit in any home. Less vanity unit to clean makes life just that little bit easier.

The fifth benefit is less maintenance. They are usually smaller than a floor standing unit which means there's less to maintain.

wall hung vanity

The sixth benefit is convenience. Even though they are wall hung, they still offer extra storage space for personal care and cleaning items which is very welcome.

The next question is, 'what types of wall mounted vanities are there?'

Types of vanities available

Everyone's bathroom size and design is different but finding the perfect one for your space is easy due to the many types available.

Here are some of the ways you can go:

  • Compact one drawer or one door units as small as 375mm wide
  • Wider styles up to 1800mm+
  • Wall hung basin only with no bench or cupboard space
  • Basin and bench only with no storage
  • Double bowl vanity or individual his and hers arrangements
  • Soft close drawers or doors only, or a combination of both
  • Various colours and patterns for doors, drawers, cabinet

You're spoilt for choice with the types of vanities. What about the choice of basins?

Basin designs available

Just when you thought we'd covered the entire range, there's one more thing to look at: the types of basins available. With the wall mounted look, you can enjoy many different basin designs.

The most popular are:

  • Underbench
  • Inset and semi-inset
  • Above counter bowl
wall hung vanity

Underbench is where the bowl is mounted directy under the benchtop to the point where you can only see the sides and bottom of the basin. These are the ultimate in minimalism.

Inset and semi-inset is where the basin is dropped into the benchtop hole and the lip holds the basin in place. With the semi inset varieties, they have the appearance of being half sunk into the bench, which is a unique and eye-catching look. 

Above counter bowl sits entirely on the top of the bench and the waste trap is generally level with the bench top. These varieties can be replaced with the greatest of ease and updated as the fashions change. You virtually unscrew them, lift them off, and place a new one on top.      

With all these wall hung styles, you have a wonderful choice of vanities to create a stunning bathroom.

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