Timberline vanity

A way to add style to your bathroom that is as individual as you, is with a Timberline vanity. This sets you apart from the average bathroom renovator.

But why choose Timberline? Let's explore that in this article.

We will look at:

  1. What is Timberline?
  2. The difference in the build
  3. The types of vanities
  4. Choice of vanity tops
  5. The Timberline basins

After you've finished reading this article, you'll be ready to add the individual style you've been wanting for your bathroom.

What is a Timberline vanity?

In case you weren't aware, Timberline is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures bathroom products from their factory in Armidale, NSW.

Vanities is one of Timberline's specialities. They also manufacture shaving cabinets, tall boys, modular laundry systems, mirrors, and basins. Their mantra is the six build features they put into their vanities, which are very impressive.

Let's take a look at those.

Timberline vanity

The difference in the build

There's no doubt you've seen cheap vanity units that are flimsy and poorly constructed. The build quality is a major difference with Timberline and brings an individual style all of its own.

There are six specific build features they incorporate:

  • Tongue and groove jointing
  • Solid vanity back
  • Soft close
  • Construction brackets
  • Moisture resistant board
  • Durable edging

Tongue and groove jointing is where all the backs and bases are assembled with a tongue and groove, and there are multiple cam fix points. This prevents the side from pulling away when pressure is placed on it. In plain English, that means the units are extra strong and durable.

Solid vanity back speaks for itself. You remember the dodgy vanities with 3mm paper lined MDF back? Not with Timberline. The backs are a solid 16mm.

Soft close fully adjustable hinges are made in Europe with a long life span. 

Construction brackets are used internally instead of those ugly, staple blocks you may be used to seeing on other vanities. The Timberline vanity construction brackets create a neat and strong finish. 

Moisture resistant board. All the cabinetry is made using moisture resistant board which gives the best protection against swelling and other moisture damage.

Durable edging is also a feature on the wood grain cabinets which is as strong as ABS. With this feature, you have a product that will give you years of service.

Now that we've looked at the build quality, what types of vanities do they make?

The types of Vanities from Timberline

Creating that individual bathroom style all comes down to your taste. With Timberline, you have all the popular styles to choose from, which you can then individualise.

These include:

  • Wall hung
  • Floor standing
  • Single drawer or door variations up to multiple doors/drawers
  • Various widths from small ensuite sizes to wide 1800mm styles for large bathrooms
  • Massive range of colours

Wth all these choices and colour options, you can create a vanity with individual style.

Timberline vanity

The types of vanity tops Timberline manufactures

To add to that individual look, there are seven different types of vanity tops Timberline design and manufacture.

Here are the ways you can go with the vanity top:

  • These are heat formed from double acrylic sheet and then backfilled
  • Moulded using heavy polymer and coated with glossy coating
  • Porcelain ceramic moulding techniques
  • Made from a mineral composite (primarily Dolomite) sourced from Europe
  • Made from high performance 20mm acrylic surface with a realistic granite appearance
  • 20mm thick engineered stone, 93% natural quartz
  • Corian® made from 12mm thick solid surface material and thermoformed to shape the basin

With a convenient range of vanity tops to choose from, your next step in adding individual style to your bathroom is choosing the basin to go with it.

The individual style of Timberline basins

One of the bathroom products they specialise in is basins. There are quite a few choices you have in the range, each providing a handy solution for bathroom designs.

The styles include:

  • Undermounted, small to large size in round, square or other shapes
  • Above counter bowls, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours
  • With or without tap holes
  • With or without overflow

One look at this range and you'll see the special individual style of Timberline coming through.

It comes down to your individual taste as to the look you create with your Timberline vanity, such as their Thorne 900mm Floorstanding Vanity with Ceramic Basin in duck egg Blue, available online at Bathware Direct.

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