toilet suite

Choosing “the one” when it comes to toilet suites can be tricky, we get it.

Of course, the decision should depend on several factors: what type of bathroom you’re dealing with, your budget, your ideal timeline, and the nature of the home you’re in. Perhaps you’re looking to renovate an investment property - so a practical and affordable solution is all that’s necessary. If it’s your forever home though, you’re setting the bar a lot higher. You’re skipping zero steps when it comes to sourcing a durable and timely suite. 

If you’re sitting somewhere in the middle - keep reading to gain clarity on what matters to you most: a budget-friendly solution, or an ultra-modern suite to enhance your luxury home.  

Let’s address the most popular bathroom considerations for everyday renovators. P.S - if we don’t cover what you need in this article, feel free to send us a message and we’ll be sure to direct you to the ultimate solution based on your specific needs - we’re here for you during every stage of the renovation process. 

  • You need to save space. 

  • If you’re in the fortunate position of working with a grandiose bathroom, you can skip right past this one. But if you’re like most of us, you’re probably attempting to balance a sense of luxury with essential bathroom features. It’s no easy feat, which is where short projection toilet suites come in handy. 

    These toilet suites were made for the very purpose of freeing up space. Standard toilets tend to project up to 800mm from the wall, short projection suites sit anywhere less than 650mm, restoring additional surface area for seamless navigation of smaller bathrooms. 

    And before you ask about the downsides, we should note that 650mm projection is still enough to achieve a comfortable sitting experience. How do we know this? Well, it’s been tried and tested by many of our key suppliers - most adults will confirm that shorter projection doesn’t result in additional discomfort. Phew. 

    At Bathware Direct, we have a range of options that fall under this category, including the highly sought-after Barnett Rimless Toilet Suite. At just $229.00, it shouldn’t dent a severe hole in your budget, but will ensure that your final design feels open and free of clutter. That’s a sure way to retain a sense of elegance and luxury, even if you’re not blessed with ample space. 

  • You value water efficiency. 

  • If water efficiency is important to you, and you’d prefer to save money down the line (who wouldn’t?), we’d recommend dictating your search accordingly. 

    In this case - you’ll want to look out for the WELS rating, which signifies the efficiency of your toilet in accordance with Australian standards. Unsurprisingly, the more stars a suite has earned, the greater the water efficiency (with 5-stars representing a seriously elite toilet). 

    In most cases we recommend toilets with an efficiency rate above 3 stars. This is a reliable benchmark for a sufficient water-saving toilet. That being said, if it’s your top priority to lower water costs - aim for a suite of 4 stars, like the BPA Gemelli Rimless Back To Wall Toilet Suite. New homes are built with 4 stars as a standard requirement, so keep high-grade efficiency in mind, if you’d like to build a smart home from the get-go. 

  • You require a lifetime solution. 

  • If this is your family home, the decision should naturally hold a bit more weight. You shouldn’t be thinking about short-term functionality only. How about years down the line? What features might you appreciate in 5-10 years' time? This is where the value of raised-height designs enters the (bath)room - these are specifically designed to assist with reduced mobility. 

    If you plan to host elderly folk or to spend many years in your home, considering a raised height solution is a great idea. A higher seat ensures less discomfort and pressure on the knees when standing up and sitting down. We know what you’re thinking - although it mightn’t be a pressing issue right now, if knee or lower back pain is something that’s flared up for you in the past, don’t underestimate the value of a raised height toilet!

    Again, if this is your forever home - back-to-wall designs are another note-worthy consideration. These toilets contain an exposed cistern, which is important when it comes to toilet maintenance - you (or your handyperson) will be able to access the root of the issue with ease to replace any necessary parts or complete any minor repairs. Again, you’ll thank yourself for this one. 

    As a bonus, back-to-wall designs ensure that no dust or dirt can accumulate behind your toilet. If you’d prefer to clean as little as possible and to guarantee a stress-free event when you do, an option like the Studio Bagno Manhattan Toilet Suite shouldn’t be overlooked. 

    Remember - we’re always here to chat and provide custom advice, based on your bathroom needs. So don’t hesitate to pop by the showroom; send us an e-mail or a message on any social media platform. We look forward to making this non-glamorous purchase… as seamless and satisfying as it can be! 

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