bathroom shaving cabinet

Many of us can relate to having used a tiny mirror, vanity and sink that were just so limited in space and hard to manoeuvre around when getting ready. 


That kind of set up is never ideal, especially when there are multiple people sharing the bathroom, or an array of bottles precariously stored in such a way that one wrong move means they end up on the tiles below!


It’s also just plain messy – you shouldn’t need to be a creative Tetris genius to stack and store your bathroom essentials!


Thankfully, the most simple and straightforward solution is a spacious, yet chic bathroom shaving cabinet. 


Whether your bathroom is small or large, having a bathroom shaving cabinet is a modern essential – albeit an affordable and achievable one (that adds value in more ways than one).


Here are some of the considerations and benefits of a great bathroom shaving cabinet:


Get Ready Better + Faster

Create a functional, shared bathroom space:


What’s the secret to a happy partnership – communication, sharing food, compliments?


Surely “not competing for space in the bathroom” is a contributing factor! 


Sharing really is caring when it comes to the bathroom – it’s just a lot harder if what you’re trying to share is a small, clunky bathroom sink and drawer!


If you can see your (or your partners) bathroom items (think shaver, skincare, haircare, vitamins, dental floss etc.) multiplying and creating mess, it might be a sign to upgrade or install a bathroom shaving cabinet.


What’s better than one bathroom shaving cabinet? Two! “Yours and theirs” style cabinets are specifically designed to make getting ready as a couple a breeze.  There are lots of options based on both of your preferences and needs:


Getting ready together: 

You can either opt for two separate mirrored cabinets next to each other, or a single bathroom shaving cabinet with split dual mirrors.  Yes, that means you can both get up close and personal on your own side of the mirror at the same time!


Reducing mess + store both of your bathroom products and necessities:

The interior of your bathroom cabinet can be designed with separate shelving areas so you can each store your bathroom essentials in an easy to reach location. 


Keep the spark alive with dual power plugs: 

No more negotiations and promises to cook dinner for a week if you get to shave or blow dry your hair first, dual power plugs mean you can both simultaneously get ready in a flash. Win/win!



Reduce Mess + Increase Storage

Bathroom shaving cabinets make your space even more versatile:


We don’t blame you if you’d think that adding or upgrading a bathroom shaving cabinet would take up more space – but that’s not the case!


A sleek, modern, mirrored cabinet adds actually gives you the luxury of more space. Having a centralised, tidy, functional storage solution means you can thoughtfully re-home all those rouge bottles, loose shavers…and so on. 


The cabinet will hide away these items so that from the outside the only thing that is visible is a beautiful mirror, and the previous bathroom object mess will be a thing of the past. Take a peek for yourself here!


Enhance your overall bathroom look and feel:


At Bathware Direct we have a great selection of bathroom shaving cabinets available to suit every budget, home décor and taste. 


Some of the most popular choices include classic neutrals that last the test of time; picture crisp, glossy whites, Scandi oak and modern, satin black. 


It’s such a simple way to inject a luxury, designer look into your bathroom without compromising on functionality.


If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, there are also custom finishes and options available, such as the Timberline Tennessee mirrored shaving cabinet.


It is offered in a variety or woodgrains and painted finishes, such as navy, duckegg blue, emerald green, grey and more.


If you’re worried about the effort of installing bathroom shaving cabinets – don’t be! They are (surprisingly) easy to install and you can opt for a range of special extra details and features, such as:


  • Push to open doors (no unsightly handles, and anti-mark finishes) and adjustable internal shelving 


  • A choice of mirror shape (square, oval, round) and detailing (panelled, bevel edged) for a contemporary, bold or minimalist finish


  • An undershelf or side décor shelving like the Timberline Boston Shaving Cabinet. This feature is ideal if you want to really make your cabinet an elegant statement design feature in your bathroom (as well as a functional storage resource)


  • Soft close hinges (your ears will thank you)!


  • Luxe enhancements like magnifying mirrors, in-shelf lighting and back-lit mirrors that illuminate the immediate surrounds to make it even easier to see and get ready (a must if your bathroom doesn’t have natural light from a window)


You can explore all the options online at, or at one of our in-store showrooms in Victoria (where a friendly member of the team can walk you through the options in more detail).


You’ll find all the leading quality brands at the best prices, and complete solutions for your bathroom shaving cabinet. Whatever you decide for your new cabinet – you can’t go wrong with extra mirror space and storage!