shower heads

The bathroom is where most of us begin our day, and if you’re like us - the best way to start a great day is with a good shower. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of a hot morning shower, (or cold for those who are brave enough!) 

The shower is one of the most personal, intimate and for many, favourite areas of the whole house. The shower is a space where we can refresh, relax and reset in our own private sanctuary before heading back into the world - for many, it’s the space we do our best thinking! 

We believe everyone deserves a shower suited exclusively to their preferences.

The good news is - there are many easy and affordable ways in which you can change your shower to get a more personalised experience - of course, one of the most important elements is the shower head.

Shower heads
dictate the water pressure, flow and overall appearance of your shower - basically, everything that can make a shower great! The right shower head can transform your bathroom into a luxurious space and turn your morning routine into a luscious spa-like experience that you can look forward to every day. 

At Bathware Direct, we believe shower heads are not to be overlooked - this quintessential piece of tapware has the power to truly make (or break!) a bathroom.

How the right shower head can make your bathroom:
Considering how often we use the shower, it’s important to choose the right products to tailor the experience as much as possible. After all, it’s something we use almost every day, and if you don’t already, the right shower head will make you want to.

Finding the perfect tapware can completely transform your bathing experience. Stylish tapware instantly improves the aesthetic of your bathroom - not to mention having a good shower is an instant mood booster that eases tensions and relieves aches. 

With multiple sprays to choose from, water conservation, adjustable heights and many other additional features beyond simply hot or cold, there are many benefits to upgrading your shower tapware.

Let’s talk water pressure:
It’s fair to say many of us love a high-pressure shower head, so the perfect water pressure is the ultimate game changer for any shower - it’s one of the more luxurious privileges that comes with the right shower head. Thanks to modern technology and innovative designs, you can get an extra boost to enhance your water pressure without changing the water flow in your home.

Choosing the right shower head:
If you’ve never considered upgrading your bathroom tapware, maybe now is the perfect time with Bathware Direct. 

There are endless designs of everything from sink tapware to overhead shower heads that can accommodate everyone’s needs - trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on getting the right pieces for your bathroom. So how do you know what the right piece looks like?

Like with all Bathware Direct products there’s a variety of options in colour, shape, design and functionality to suit everyone’s style - our friendly team are ready to help you kick start this process. 

  love to take you through some of our favourite styles:

Create luxury with overhead showers: Overhead showers offer the perfect opportunity to inject a designer look with a touch of opulence into your bathroom. As the name suggests, a fixed shower head is a permanent fixture mounted to either the ceiling which allows for more space within your shower.

Try matte black: Who says you can’t make a statement with tapware? Be bold with black tapware and transform your shower with the Phoenix Vivid Round Shower - made from solid brass with a stylish matte black finish for a contemporary twist on a classic design.

Go tropical: Enjoy the luxury of soaking under the 250mm head and create a tropical feel and sense of relaxation with a rain style shower head like the Phoenix NX Cape Shower This large, overhead shower offers impressive coverage so that you’re fully immersed in your relaxing shower experience.  

Opt for the elegance: Choose a classic silver shower head like the Sussex Calibre Horizontal Shower Arm & Rose in polished chrome to breathe new life into your bathroom. Timeless yet modern - a large round head with a polished finish and is an effortless way to upgrade your shower with a touch of sophistication.

Get the best of both worlds with a combo: Let’s be honest - sometimes you need the practicality and versatility of a hand-held shower for washing hair, bathing pets or little ones. Thankfully, a combination shower offers the best of both with a showering solution everyone can enjoy without sacrificing on style. Combo showers are available in brushed bass, gold & nickel, stainless steel, chrome variations and even matte black.

We hope we’ve helped kickstart some bathroom inspo - check out our full range in-store or online now:


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