Bathroom Vanities

Beautiful bathroom vanities can transform the look of your bathroom from drab to fab

How long have you been putting off your bathroom renovation?

If a complete renovation seems too daunting, maybe the answer is to just do it bit by bit. This can make the goal more achievable and less stressful.

An easy way to go about this is replacing same for same. That way it is less expensive and you can take your time.

A good place to start is with the bathroom vanity. Old, tired and worn bathroom vanities bring the whole look of your bathroom down. It can be depressing and frustrating. By replacing the vanity you can create a fresh, new look.

There are some sensational vanities on the market which will inspire you to take your bathroom to a new level.

A wall hung bench top with over the counter basin gives your bathroom a designer look

One sure way to give your bathroom that wow factor is with a wall hung wash basin.

It offers the ultimate minimalist look.

With just the bench and the basin, it frees up the entire space, and enhances the style and appeal of your entire bathroom. There are many other benefits as well, such as having very little to clean and there’s very little that can go wrong.

Whether the basin is under counter or above counter, you'll have a look that you will love. Match your wall hung wash basin with a stylish wall mounted mixer, and presto! You'll never look back.

Marble top bathroom vanities create a look of true opulence

Italians are not the only ones who enjoy the prestige of marble. Marble top bathroom vanities create a look of pure luxury. Renovators are even going as far as having marble walls to complete the effect.

Some of the benefits of marble include:

  • Survives a harsh bathroom environment, withstanding wear and tear
  • Creates a look of opulence
  • Easy to clean
Your bathroom can be transformed with the addition of a gorgeous marble top vanity.

Timber bathroom vanities bring a warm earthy feel to your bathroom

Timber has timeless appeal, and looks stunning when it is featured in your bathroom vanity. Timber can be ultilised in a number of ways in a bathroom vanity.

For instance, stylish wooden cabinets with a stone or stainless steel bench top look fabulous.

The reverse also works a treat, such as a smooth timber bench top with sleek, white drawers.

Then there's the solid timber vanity and bench top, with a stylish over the counter basin.

Whether it is freestanding or wall hung, the timber look is a beautiful one.

All-white bathroom vanities give your bathroom a bright, hygienic look

It's no wonder all-white bathroom vanities never go out of style. The bright whites always create a wow factor.

There is another cool benefit of an all-white bathroom vanity. It means the choices of features and fittings to offset the look are endless. It gives you the opportunity to use all sorts of beautiful colours and patterns to complement the vanity.

Alternatively, you can continue the white look throughout the walls, flooring, window frame and fittings, to maximise the brilliant effect.

Another positive to all white vanities is they can be more affordable than other styles, while bringing the fresh, contemporary look you're wanting.

All white bathroom Vanities

Here's a handy tip for when you're choosing beautiful bathroom vanities for your renovation

If you're doing a complete bathroom makeover, it's important to remember to choose the right size bathroom vanity for your space. If you're going for something bigger or smaller than what you have already, it's important to check that the size works in the room.

If the vanity is too big it might make the space look cluttered.

If it is too small it may make the bathroom look out of proportion.

There's a simple way to determine the right size. Once you've removed the old bathroom vanity, grab a roll of tissue paper, and lay it out along the floor, as an outline for the new vanity; a bit like a floor plan right in front of you.

Then, step back and see if it is too big or small in the space.

That's it.

You can normally tell straight away if the size works or not. If it doesn't work, fiddle with the layout a little, and once it looks right in the space, measure it out.

Compare your measurements to what is on the market. Then, go back into the bathroom, and adjust the tissue paper to the closest size available and double check that it works.

Job done. Now you can get your order happening.

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