If you had to pick just three things that start or end your day perfectly, we’d be willing to bet that a refreshing (or relaxing) shower would be one of them (and that a cup of tea or glass of wine might be one of the others)!

Just like any perfect pairing – investing in a great shower is as much about the shower frame as it is about the accompanying shower head.

Space, versatility/movement, pressure, and yes, of course aesthetics are all essentials to consider and balance! Plus, there’s the bonus that everything not only looks, but also *feels* that much nicer in a stylish setting.

What’s Your Style?

Here’s an explanation of the core shower head styles:

  1. Rain Showers

These are a luxe option that feature heads bigger in diameter than standard choices. They are usually fitted horizontally, and, as the name implies, water streams down to cover your body in a similar fashion to a natural rainfall.

Modern spas and hotels often opt for this style of shower head, and it has also become increasingly popular for adding a luxury feel to home showers too.

The Nero Rain Overhead Shower is available in a square or round shape and a high shine chrome or matte black finish (it’s a bestseller for a reason)!

Rain Showers are:

  • A restorative and relaxing shower experience. They set the tone in the morning, and are great for unwinding and relaxing after a long day at work, post-workout or before bed
  • A sleek and stylish focal piece to complete your shower and bathroom design

Note: They require a bit more room, so are perfect for larger bathroom showers.

  1. Ceiling Showers

In this case, the water facet is mounted overhead on the ceiling, which provides free-flowing water directly from above.

A ceiling shower head is another premium option that exudes sophistication and feels ultra contemporary. The water sprays down and outward (compared to a rain shower where it falls downward).

Great for:

  • That modern, minimalist look; as exemplified via our Greens Swept Overhead Ceiling Shower head. It’s an elegant, slim and striking option with stunning clean lines that adds effortless simplicity to any bathroom or ensuite.


As a swept option it features AirFlo technology which pulls air into the handset and mixes it into the water stream for a wonderfully invigorating spray. Oh, and it’s available in 3 finishes!


  • Tall bodies love ceiling showers as there’s no need to awkwardly adjust under the shower to find the best angle (because the water falls at the same time and from a greater height than most other shower heads)


  • They’re also a high-efficiency option that helps conserve water (they maintain a balanced water pressure)

Note: Ceiling mounted showers require adequate height for a comfortable, functional experience!

  1. Wall Mounted Showers

Probably the most common of all shower heads – you will have definitely showered in one of these before.

The showerhead is attached to the wall at a fixed height and suits almost every style and type of shower for a truly cost-effective and versatile option.

Our Nero Wall Mounted Shower Head has a mixer diverter system with a hand shower option and a solid brass construction for excellent longevity.

Great for:

  • Variety in colour, shape and size – no matter your bathroom style, you’ll find a wall mounted shower to complement, enhance and elevate it


  • Easy installation and low maintenance, wall showers are perfect for busy lifestyles and households where the shower is used frequently (ideal for most larger families)


  • When paired with an adjustable spray function you can tailor your shower experience to better suit your personal preferences.


Bathware Direct Shower Tips

Don’t forget to consider the best fit for your needs:


  • Hand showers are a flexible hose attached to a portable shower head. You can take the hose part off and move the spray round with directional control.

They’re fantastic for accessing all areas, as well as quick rinses for specific areas, like a quick post-swim shower, or if you don’t want to wet your face after skincare/makeup application, great for when cleaning the shower itself.

  • Overhead/hand combos offer the best of both worlds, with the option of choosing one over the other to suit various showering needs.

Our Collis Kelly Short Tail Combo is like two showers in one unit!  It combines an overhead rain shower with a three-function handset that offers a rainfall, massage or mist spray. Plus, you can use the adjustable height hand shower whenever you want to.

  • An all directional arm shower like the Intra Arm and Rose features two points on the main arm so you can quickly tilt forward or backwards for the best position without fiddly adjustments.

Final shower considerations:

  • Shower arms shapes: there are lots of options here, such as square (an excellent choice for modern homes), curved (a classic, timeless design), or gooseneck (a little bit of both!).


  • Don’t forget what goes on the shower floor! Bathware Direct has a stunning selection of designer floor wastes so you can be discreet and minimalist, or stand out with a gorgeous, chic statement!


  • Shower colour helps evoke your style and mood – keep things sleek with chrome, contemporary or moody with matte black, or a little more luxe/bespoke with brushed gold, nickel (and more)!


Ready to find your perfect shower match?

Whatever your bathroom size or style, it’s hard to beat the extensive range at Bathware Direct.

Not only are we competitively priced, but our comprehensive range of designer shower products will add a touch of luxury and a real wow factor to your space with ease. Every product is of exceptional quality and built to last (plus, covered by our warranty).

We’re confident you’ll be able to find exactly what you need at our online showroom, which you can browse 24/7.

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