Is now the time to update the towel rails in your bathroom and ensuite?

If you take a look at your towel rail, what do you see?

Does it have two or three towels squeezed over it? Is it an old towel rail looking pretty tired? Is the chrome plating pealing off and showing rust? Does one of the ends keep coming off, and constantly needs to screwed back on?

The scenario is maybe a little exaggerated, but you'll be surprised how many people are putting up with things like that. The perfect towel rails in your bathroom can do wonders to your bathtime experience. We'll explain exactly why in this blog

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 How can I fit more towel rails in my bathroom without making it look cluttered?

A cluttered bathroom is a nightmare and a no no. It looks awful, it's not healthy, and it will end up driving you crazy. It can all start with a towel rail with towels squeezed onto it.

The simple fact is you need more towel rails!

How can you do that and reduce the cluttered look at the same time?

Maybe you only have one towel rail at the moment because you think there's no room for any others. Think again.

By grouping three or four towel rails in a ladder formation on the wall, you can instantly transform the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Top designers recommend that the first rail is placed at a height of 1000cm to 1100cm from the floor. The second towel rail is placed 270cm above the first, the third towel rail is 270cm above the second, and so on.

Instantly you have a magnificent looking towel rail showpiece which caters beautifully for three, four and even more towels, and eliminates the ugly mess you had before.

If you have the space on your wall, choosing wider towel rails is a great option. 900mm wide towel rails are perfect for drying two towels side by side.

Another space saving choice is a single level towel rack that holds three towels like a clothes hanger. The Streamline Eneo Towel Rack with Rail is the perfect example of that.

It allows for three towels to be hanging at the same level, and under that you could even put a fourth towel.

Towel rails that are the perfect match for your bathroom

When you choose your towel rail, one thing to help create cohesiveness and added style within the room is choosing one that matches your tapware. For example, if your tapware has a brushed nickel finish, then choosing a towel rail with the same look adds a sense of class.

If you have the square look, then you can continue that look with a square towel rail.

It's the same for a rounded or heritage look,

Some designers have found ways to contrast the look as well. For example, brushed nickel squared tapware, and matte black squared towel rails. There are other combinations that contrast really beautifully as well, and make the bathroom design look very smart.

There is another type of towel rail which you'll warm to as well!

Heated towel rails make bathtime a more enjoyable experience and there are health benefits

Normally, one of the first things you feel when you step out from the shower is... cold!

Then, when you reach for that towel... oh dear... it's still damp.

As well as being very uncomfortable to dry yourself with, that dampness can cause unpleasant odours, and also create an environment where bacteria grows.

One of life's little luxuries is a heated towel rail. It means every time you reach for your towel after your bath or shower, it will be dry and warm, and you'll feel clean, fresh and cosy.

Mother holding infant

There are many different styles of heated towel rails, such as;

· Single heated rails

· Cute ladder rail styles

· Floor to ceiling ladder rails

· Freestanding towel rails

They all look fabulous, and all give your bathroom a lovely, refreshed feel.

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