Compact Vanity

Everyone loves a bath! Relaxing in a lovely warm bath is so soothing. It's pure bliss to gently immerse yourself in luxuriously warm water and let the worries of the day just fall away.

It's also a joy to look around you and behold a beautiful bathroom. One that’s clean and bright and uncluttered. It’s all thanks to that fabulous new compact vanity you installed. The whole space looks sensational! It’s the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet

Unfortunately, many of us don't get to enjoy a scene like that.

The average bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. Some of them don't even have the space to fit a bath, and inevitably the bathroom becomes a cluttered mess.

The top of the vanity becomes the home of toothbrushes and toothpaste, floss, deodorants, shavers, and a whole host of other items. There are mounds of clothes on the floor, or in a basket that is too large for the room. If there is a bath, it is topped with soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles all along the edge.

Not exactly a space where you can enjoy some peaceful ‘Me’ time!

How can you make a bathroom look bigger, brighter and declutter it at the same time?

Here are some handy ideas that all start with the magic of a compact vanity!

With a compact vanity in a small bathroom or ensuite, the space looks bigger

One of the benefits of getting rid of your bulky, old bathroom cupboards and installing a compact vanity is it makes your bathroom look bigger. It is the right answer to the problem and the perfect addition to small bathrooms and ensuites.

It takes up a lot less room, looks fabulous and it still offers ideal storage for items you need within arm’s reach when you're at the basin, helping to eliminate the crowded, cluttered look. You'll feel more at peace and even breathe easier.

What about other ways to help declutter and make the space look bigger at the same time?

 Some handy tips to create clever storage space in a tight bathroom or ensuite

Even though your bathroom might look like it can't fit any extra storage, you'll be surprised what you can do to declutter it without compromising on the sense of space.

Here are some ideas;

  • Get a vertical tallboy storage cabinet. These are narrow and tall with fantastic storage capacity for larger items like toilet rolls, rolled up towels, medicinal items, grooming tools, hair dryer, and other items you need quick access to
  • Mount a vertical, heated towel rail to hold all the towels in use
  • Make use of space behind the door. A couple of towel hooks, a wide and slender organizer to store items that are small are two handy ideas
  • Mount magnetic strips on the inside of the vanity door to hold smaller items like scissors, hair clips, nail cutters
  • Install a skinny, dual purpose mirror. When it opens it reveals more storage space for items like deodorants, perfumes, creams, etc.
  • Repurpose a cute bar cart into a roll-away bathroom storage cart, which you can move in and out of the bathroom when needed
  • And get rid of that big, old cupboard and put in a new stylish compact vanity

Finding the perfect compact vanity is easy and there’s such a vast range available.

It comes in many styles for ensuites and tight bathroom spaces and there are a lot of clever choices available.

 Bathroom Vanity

For ensuites and small bathrooms there are stylish, 400mm wall hung vanities. There are also petite, open shelf vanities. These look absolutely gorgeous and fit into tight spaces in the most stylish way.

For other tight bathroom spaces like long, narrow bathrooms, there are wide, skinny vanities. They can be wall hung or floor standing.

There are even narrow, slender, wall hung vanities for his and hers, like the Timberline Noosa Narrow 600mm wall hung vanities from Bathware Direct. They make the perfect couple, and the bathroom will look bigger with their space saving style.

We know just the place to get your compact vanity.

When you want a quality compact vanity, Bathware Direct has a massive range to choose from

Bathware Direct has a huge selection of compact vanities. This includes skinny vanities 400mm to 1200mm wide, wall hung and floor standing.

The leading brands are here, such as; COB & PEN, FIENZA, TIMBERLINE and ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER PRODUCTS.

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