How much does it cost to redo a small bathroom in an Australian home?

How much does it cost to redo a small bathroom in an Australian home?

The idea of having a beautiful new bathroom always excites the home renovator. If you're considering a bathroom makeover and you have a small bathroom, the first question you will probably ask is; 'how much does it cost to redo a small bathroom?'

The answer? The Sky's the limit, but we’re pretty sure that's not the answer you're looking for!

Actually, sources vary in opinion. According to a study from Houzz Australia a few years ago, small bathrooms that are less than five square metres in size cost an average of $9,700 to renovate.

A contrasting report by Open Agent suggested that the cost was irrespective to bathroom size. Their data showed:

  • a budget renovation costs between $5000 and $15,000,
  • a standard renovation will cost from $15,000 and $25,000
  • for a luxury bathroom makeover, you're currently looking at a cost of over $25,000.

The good news is you ultimately determine the cost of your bathroom renovation. Do it well and it could be a good investment should you decide to sell your home down the track.

What are some of the costs to factor in redoing a small bathroom?

There are several key areas to look at to answer the question 'how much does it cost to redo a small bathroom?'

Tasks that will contribute to a higher cost include:

  • Structural changes. For instance, it would be a mistake to embark on a beautiful bathroom makeover if the house badly needed re-stumping. You would need to re-stump first. Perhaps your toilet is in a small adjoining room and you want to open the entire space up to make it one big room. Does any structural work need doing.
  • Fancy additions. Are you thinking of putting in skylights or new windows

  • Any hidden problems. During the renovation, you may discover something like the floorboards and joists under the old tiles are rotten. There’s an additional expense to rectify things like this.

  • The tiles and tiler. Will it be fancy or budget tiles? Will you pay more for a tiler who does superior detailed work, or pay less for an average result

  • Plumbing. Will pipes and fixtures be moved around?

  • Heating luxuries. Are you hoping to include underfloor heating?

  • Lighting. How much electrical work will need to be done if you are revamping and relocating your lighting

These are some key areas that can add to your renovation costs, and so factoring them in will help you keep to budget.

How much does it cost to redo a small bathroom if you do it yourself?

Doing as much of the work you can yourself is a clever way to cut costs on your bathroom renovation.

Here are some of the key steps to help you do this:

Sticking to the existing floor plan is the first step. Don't move things around. Maintaining the same positioning for the toilet, shower, bath, lighting will reduce the need for additional plumbing, electrical wiring, and plastering.

Gut the room yourself carefully, without causing damage to anything. That way you can sell off the old basin, bath, toilet, vanity, shower screen, mirror on a second hand website, instead of throwing them out. There are always people who will buy them at the right price.

Change over an old vanity to a new vanity with the same specs; one that matches the space and plumbing.

Update your toilet to a modern design that suits the existing plumbing.

Replace all the tapware yourself.

Do the tiling and painting yourself if you have the patience, skills, and the right tools.

By doing a lot of the work yourself, you will save a packet on the labour costs.

What look do you want to achieve in your small bathroom redo?

The bathroom designs trending in 2021 will truly inspire you to create your beautiful new bathroom. There are many stunning looks and styles emerging, but the one thing they seem to have in common is minimalism.

bathroom renovation trends

Some of the bathroom renovation trends 2021 include;

  • Gold everywhere. Gold designs on the bath and vanity, gold taps, gold framed mirrors, gold designer light shades
  • Marble effect. Marble floors, freestanding bath, wall features
  • Matte black look. Whether it's on the walls, the tapware, the tiles or a combination of them, it's a marvellous cutting-edge style
  • Exquisite woodwork look. A rebirth of lovely natural timber vanities, wood panelling on walls and ceiling, even a wooden bath
  • Luxury compact design. This accommodates small scale living
  • Focus on features. All kinds of bright colours, and filling the space with vintage show piece items can be captivating
  • Blurring the line between exterior and interior. Making the inside extend to the views you have on the outside
  • Concrete. What more can we say!
  • Industrial bathrooms with metal elements
  •  Vintage. Bathroom fixtures, visible shower pipes, brass tones and shiny tiles offer that warm feel of yesteryear

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