How to choose the right toilet suite that suits your home and your budget

How to choose the right toilet suite when you are renovating or doing a new build

Most of the time you will know the look you want. You have seen pictures of bathrooms and ensuites you loved and want to replicate that look, or you have seen a style that appeals to you in a showroom.

Is the one that appeals to you the right one for your bathroom setup?

If it’s a new build then the sky is the limit, but if you are replacing an existing toilet suite, the most cost-effective way is to replace it with the same plumbing arrangement.

It’s important to remember, choose a toilet suite that has a superior water efficiency rating.

Understanding the water efficiency star ratings and which toilet will benefit you the most

Energy and water efficiency rating labels are an Australian Government requirement on new products. They are designed to make it easy to compare running costs of new products.

The hope is that we will be smart consumers and buy products that are more energy and water efficient, to reduce your household bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

When you're wondering how to choose the right toilet suite, look for the water efficiency rating label first. The toilet you see might be just the one you want, it matches the plumbing perfectly, but the water efficiency rating may be low. Always check the star rating.

Each water rating label is blue, and has a blue rainbow shaped band at the top which contains stars. It will show somewhere between 1 and 6 blue stars depending on the water efficiency. The more blue stars it has, the more water efficient it will be.

There is also a water consumption box in the middle of the label. This box has a number within it which is an indication of how many litres of water it uses each time you flush.

Browse the range and check the water rating as you go.

How to choose the right toilet suite when there are so many brands and styles

The range of toilets we have today is amazing. There are so many luxurious, cutting edge designs. You have the luxury of choice. Once you have developed the habit of checking the water efficiency rating, you’ll be able to make a smarter choice.

The first deciding factor is ensuring the toilet has dual flush. This will also be obvious by the star rating.

Then comes the plumbing. If it's a new build then you are starting from scratch. In this case you will probably benefit the most by getting a concealed look. It is a cutting edge style that is taking off in popularity.

If you are replacing an existing toilet then check the existing plumbing arrangement and the type of trap your current toilet has. The trap is the bend in the toilet pipe that expels the waste.

  • S-trap is where the waste pipe comes out of the back of the toilet and down through the floor.
  • P-trap is where the waste pipe comes out of the back of the toilet and goes horizontally to the wall.
  • Skew pan is where the waste pipe extends either side of the toilet bowl.

Once you know the pan and trap arrangement, then you can choose from some of these toilet suite options;

  • The concealed toilet. The cistern is hidden inside the wall cavity or sometimes in the ceiling or cupboard. Perfect for small spaces, has an ultramodern look, and there’s less to clean.
  • Connector toilet suites. The cistern is joined to the pan by a plastic flush pipe and connector plate. Very flexible installation process.
  • Close coupled toilets. The pan and cistern are joined together. The flush pipe is not visible.
  • Wall faced toilet suites. The back of the pan is flush with the wall.

Remember you have to keep them clean so which one is easier to clean all the way around.

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