vanities for bathrooms

When searching for the perfect bathroom vanity, the initial choice can seem a little overwhelming. When browsing online or in a showroom it can be hard to know which option will be the most durable, versatile and appropriate for your needs.

That’s why we’ve created the below to simplify (and demystify) the process with some quick and easy pointers from our Bathware Direct experts.




This is the most important consideration to start with!

Before you fall for that large double vanity or couple’s vanities for your bathroom, consider the surrounding area available and your plumbing needs.

Tips for small bathrooms:

    • Create the illusion of “more space” by keeping things compact and vertical rather than wide/horizontal
    • A great option is a wall-mounted bathroom vanity which will help your bathroom feel more spacious and elevated
  • The Minikin wall-hung vanity unit is a perfect example of this! It’s designed for ensuites, smaller bathrooms and guest bathrooms. 
  • Tips for larger bathrooms:

  • You lucky thing! If you have the luxury of space, you may wish to opt for something floor standing, like the Thebe vanity
  • Its sleek high gloss finish enhances the look of any bathroom, and has the bonus of being durable and easy to maintain/clean too!
  • Another great feature is the drawer/cabinet combo that offers storage and versatility with a choice of left or right-hand drawers.

    There are a few options here! The two most popular options are: to pick a bathroom vanity that blends seamlessly into its surroundings for a chic, integrated aesthetic, or to go bold and make a real statement with your vanity choice.

  • Subtle, integrated vanity:
  • The easiest way to do this is with an all-drawer or full cabinet vanity, and to keep finishes uniform with other bathroom fittings and fixtures, or add subtle contrasts.

    The Manhattan All-Drawer wall-hung vanity lives up to its sophisticated New York name. It features a sophisticated ceramic top and the option for a single or double bowl (depending on how many bodies need to share the space at the same time)! 


    You can keep things crisp and classic with all white, or explore a range of gorgeous colourways, such as navy satin or steel grey. 

  • Bold, statement:
  • Unique finishes such as woodgrain, jet black benchtops and chrome or yes, even leather accents are easy ways to make a bold statement that has timeless appeal (and a touch of luxury too)!

    Our RF Nature Timber wall-hung vanity is available in 4 grain varieties to suit any bathroom style.  You have a choice of colour for the benchtop which is formed from Caesarstone. It’s not just incredibly beautiful, but built to last. 

    Shop with confidence at Bathware Direct

    If you’re after a huge range of options and exclusive ranges available in one place, we have you covered! 

    Whether you want to make your vanity the focal point of the bathroom or simply create a functional and fabulous space, the Bathware Direct online or Victorian showrooms have the best quality products at the best possible price. 

    Plus, all of our vanities for bathrooms come with warranties and meet the strict Australian standards and requirements – so you’ll always have peace of mind with your purchase.