bathroom basin sink

Are you looking for some pointers on how to pick the right basin sink for your bathroom? 

There are of course several ways to make this choice; for example, your bathroom style and aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, and of course the available space (or maybe lack thereof)!

We recommend beginning by measuring the area so you can be confident the basin you potentially fall in love with will both fit, and best enhance your bathroom. 

Apart from size, there are a few other key factors to consider so you can ensure you end up with a basin you’re happy with for years to come!

Let’s begin with a quick rundown of the main bathroom basin sink options:

Above Countertop Basins:

These effortlessly blend style with function whilst helping to maximise storage in your bathroom cabinet (since the basin sits above). You just need to ensure you pair with the right tapware to avoid unwanted splashing.

Below/Under Countertop Basins:

A more traditional sink style that’s ideal for creating an uninterrupted benchtop that is spacious, easy to clean and visually pleasing. Equip with an overflow to reduce mess and spillage.

Inset (and Semi-Inset) Basins:

Subtle, refined and sleek; inset basins maximise basin space since most of the depth of the basin is hidden away underneath.  Semi-inset sinks are a wonderful compromise between the look of an above counter basin, with many of the “hidden away” benefits of a full inset basin.

Recessed or Semi-Recessed Sinks:

These are most often selected as a space saving solution where you want (or need) a slimmer cabinet for extra floor space, without sacrificing basin room (which is set further back towards the vanity/wall).

Wall Mounted:

Another excellent option for space challenged bathrooms, or wherever you want a more minimalist aesthetic. You can still have storage space by opting for a floating cabinet below the basin for instance.

Selecting a Bathroom Basin Sink by Stylistic Factors

Shape & Style: 


Our Cannes Vanity Basin is a timeless rectangular basin for any bathroom seeking a sink style that does not date. It’s slimline, low maintenance and a dream to use!


We love the oval shaped Privia Basin by Cob & Pen. Its high polished finish and soft, distinctive shape blends classic tradition with a modern edge, for a clean and stylish look at a great price.

The Fienza Evie Basin’s strong square lines evoke a luxury hotel look and feel, with a chic gloss white finish and glazed back side.



Although white is undisputedly the most common colour for bathroom basin sinks, by no means does that equate to “boring” – just take a look at the Timberline above-counter basin. 

It features a beautiful, bespoke diamond pattern for an extra luxe finish, and you can elevate this even further with gold brass or contrasting black tapware.


Why not make your basin a centrepiece in the bathroom with a pop of colour? 

  • The Timberline Allure basin in blush pink adds a romantic touch to any ensuite
  • Our Bella Vista Lina basin in matte black provides a sophisticated and stylish finish
  • Or, take a look at the Nood basin for a glimpse at over 8 different colours (including mint, teal powder blue, sand and more), as well as several shapes and sizes


Porcelain is one of the most popular choices for bathroom basin sinks, and stainless steel is another option that is also favoured for its strength, durability, stain and heat resistance - it’s also easy to clean!

You can introduce complementary or contrasting materials with additions such as your tapware – think chrome, polished metal, coloured PVD and more.

Picking Your Basin to Best Fit Your Lifestyle

Families + busy lifestyles:

If you’re always on the go and/or have a large household, then an inset, recessed or under counter basin will be great for your needs. 

  • You can quickly and easily wipe away water spills and other mess from shaving, teeth brushing, stray hairs (and so on) directly into the sink
  • If you’re a big storage fan (like we are), you can always add a vanity above the sink (since you’ll be a bit more limited on room below with this sink style)

Shared bathrooms/Couples:

If you have the luxury of space available in the bathroom, we strongly suggest double sinks! Having “yours and theirs” style sinks is great for a few reasons:

  • Two sinks reduce your “getting ready” time (because you aren’t competing with anyone for bathroom time/space)
  • You can pair with separate vanities for extra, personalised storage room
  • They are a value adding feature you’ll appreciate more and more as time goes on!
  • Dual basins can be achieved in any style of bathroom sink – inset, above or below counter and more

Guest Bathroom / Powder Room:

There are two approaches here – if it’s a bathroom that isn’t frequently used, you may wish to go for a wall-mounted basin (like the Essence Genoa basin) as it’s a functional and highly cost-effective option. 

Alternatively, if you want to create a special and inviting space or love entertaining, a more luxe and statement sink option such as an above counter basin like luxurious Timberline Elite is a great choice.

Where to Shop the Best Bathroom Basin Sink Selection

We hope the above has helped point you in the right direction and provided a starting source of inspiration for your future bathroom basin!

At Bathware Direct we have a wide selection of premium quality sinks, as well as an excellent assortment of tapware to help complete the look and feel of this all-important room in the home. 

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