smart toilets

How many times have you had a bad experience using the toilet?

Until smart toilets came along, bad experiences seemed to be just a part of life. There's nothing worse than not getting a comprehensive clean when using the loo. It's unhygienic, embarrassing and extremely annoying. Unfortunately, no amount of toilet paper can improve a bad experience.

Some people have even resorted to taking a shower after a bad experience. It doesn't have to be this way. Smart bidet toilets have put an end to this inconvenience.

The most appreciated benefit of smart toilets

Awful experiences are in the past with a smart bidet toilet. Once you've experienced a complete and thorough clean, you'll never go back.

With its cleverly designed cleaning system, the smart bidet toilet offers a comprehensive posterior and feminine wash, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. The mobile massage cleaning action means every area is covered. You can even adjust the position of the spray device to suit you.

From here on in, your bathroom experiences are hygienic and very satisfying.

It's not only a thorough clean, it’s special comfort.

smart toilets

It's a gentle clean

Manufacturers of smart toilets put a lot of thought into creating the ultimate, cleaning experience. The comfort features that have been integrated into the system are unprecedented.

Some of those features are:

  • Water temperature regulation
  • Pressure regulation
  • Warm air dry

With a comfortable water temperature and gentle water pressure, there's no jarring effect during the process. When followed by its warm air drying stage, it completes your hygienic clean in the most gentle way.

Other handy features of smart bidet toilets

There's no doubt the hygienic clean you experience is the most appreciated of all features, but manufacturers didn't stop there. They designed extra features which are pure indulgence.

These include:

Music to your ears. As you approach the toilet, it senses your arrival and starts playing your favourite music that you've programmed into it.

Human induction auto-turning. The lid opens automatically when you arrive. This is not only a luxury, but also a big win for those who want the most hygienic experience. It eliminates having to lift the seat and lid with your hands.

Ergonomically designed seat. The design and cushioning of the seat gives you superior comfort when seated.   

Heated seat. With a wonderfully warm seat, it's no longer a chilling experience when you sit. In colder climates or when using the toilet overnight when the temperature is a lot cooler, the heated seat feature is much appreciated.

Automatic lubrication. The advanced technology ensures the porcelain is left clean afterwards by lubricating the porcelain before it's used. This usually eliminates the need for a toilet brush.

Auto flush. With the auto flush system, you can just walk away and get on with life and the toilet takes care of itself.

Siphon jet flush. With a powerful siphon action, it ensures the bowl is emptied and the porcelain is cleaned thoroughly when the auto flush activates.

Auto close. After you walk away, the unit senses you've gone and self-closes. Once again, you have the added benefit of not having to touch and close the lid afterwards. This is the final hygienic touch for you and your family. Along with that, the bathroom is far more inviting with a closed lid.

What else can smart bidet toilets do?

If you thought the benefits and features stop there, you're mistaken.

The environment is better off as well. Sure, most regular toilets today have two flush settings which is a great contribution towards looking after the environment, but smart bidet toilets go one step further. They sense what needs to be flushed and use only the water that is necessary to perform that job perfectly.

It's not only the environment that's better off. With the toilet being the most used feature in your house, this will also mean you're better off with lower water bills.

Another benefit is that overflowing is a thing of the past. Smart toilets have sensors to determine the level of water in the toilet and guard against overflowing. If for some reason there's an overload of solids causing blockage, the system detects this, and responds by shutting the flush mechanism down.

We haven't even begun to mention the remote control features that smart bidet toilets offer.

smart toilets

Smart toilets are the ultimate hygienic experience for you and every member of your family.

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