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New tapware can instantly transform the look of your bathroom, kitchen and even your laundry

It may seem like a small understated item, but tapware plays a major part in the look you achieve for your home makeover.

Whether you're simply replacing old taps throughout, or embarking on a major home renovation, the choice of taps will play a part in determining the level of success.

Getting it right can be tricky. You need to consider what shape, finish and design will suite each space.

Home designers offer some very handy tips on choosing the best taps, and we've included a few of those here. It could be the difference between a So-So result and an absolutely sensational outcome.

The look you have in your home can pre-determine the style of tapware you choose

Matching your choice of taps to the space is the first step.

Consider the designs, flavours and colours in the room. Is it a cutting edge contemporary look, traditional feel or somewhere in-between?

Whichever it is, renovators tend to choose taps that mirror this and blend seamlessly into the space. By doing this you will also avoid a disjointed look.

Square and chunky suits today's contemporary designer bathrooms and kitchens.

Smooth curves and rounded taps suit a softer, traditional feel.

If your space is a balance between the two, then there are wonderful combinations on the market that are a blend of both styles, using distinctive angles and soft curves.

Having said that, if you have a creative eye it is possible to feature cutting edge contemporary fittings in a traditional bathroom, and vice versa. There are so many choices in tapware available, the sky's the limit.

Finding the right tapware to bring the best out of where it is being installed

Each room lends itself to specific types of taps and functionalities.

In the kitchen, you will need to consider the splashback. A tiled splashback will make wall mounted taps do-able, but with a glass splashback, the wall mounted style is usually avoided. This is where bench mounted are best.

Goose neck pull out spray mixers are popular in kitchens because of their functionality, and the room they allow under the spout for cleaning pots and pans in the sink.

Then there's the bathroom. For consistency, its good to remember to choose the same brand and style of tapware for the bath, shower and vanity.

For the vanities and basins, wall mounted taps bring a designer feel, while at the same time provide more bench space. Stylish bench mounted mixer taps can also give you more bench space and reduce the cluttered look. High rise mixer taps over an above counter basin create a look of sophistication.

For the shower, there is an even wider choice of tap styles, and functionality is key. Hand showers and shower rails are very convenient features, while mixers are easy to use and an option for minimalists.

For back-to-the-wall baths, there is fabulous range of wall mounted designer spouts available. These add a stylish element to the space.

For freestanding baths, designer floor mounted mixers create a look of luxury.

Bath/shower combinations lend themselves to a single shower rail or a shower mixer with a diverter. These are extremely convenient, making it simple and easy to switch from the shower to the bath outlet whenever you need. The combinations come in both wall mounted and top mounted arrangements.

Exploring the benefits of different tap styles, from wall mounted, to mixers, and everything in-between

You have the luxury of choice when it comes to taps. Whether it's for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry, the range is almost endless.

Exploring the tap styles a bit deeper:

  • Wall mounted. Perfect for freeing up space on the counter top. The streamlined aesthetics make a statement. You can have one large backplate for both tap and spout, or individual backplates for each.
  • Basin mixers. With a single mixing lever, it is an easy to use, one-handed operation. The simplicity and minimalist look makes them a popular choice. There is less to clean and less that can go wrong.
  • Vessel mixers. These high-rise mixers add a level of character to the space. The extra height is perfect for above counter basins. The positioning of the vessel mixer is flexible, and some renovators mount them at the side of the basin, as opposed to the back of the basin which gives a fresh and engaging look.
  • Hob mixer sets with swivel spout. Stylish and practical, offering a minimalist look which makes cleaning easier. The ability to move the spout around gives you the convenience you need.
  • Three piece sets. Wall mounted or bench mounted, these sets allow greater control of water flow and temperature. Hostess sets are a lovely feature, with both taps on one side of the spout. Taps with knobs, crosshead handles and embellishments work wonderfully with a heritage style bathroom.

As you can see, you have a wide range to consider. Next choice is the finish.

Tapware Designs

The variety of tapware finishes and materials for matching the look in each space

Choosing the finish is just as important as choosing the style of taps. Whether you blend the finish into the surrounds, or go for something bold that stands out and makes a statement to offset the look, you won't be short on choice.

Here are some options:

  • Matte black taps and spouts. This bold style will make you feel wealthy. It suits monochromatic or industrial designs
  • Stainless steel. This look brings a level of luxury into the space, and suits contemporary basins. The material is very tough and durable which is an added benefit.
  • Brushed metal. This look brings a softer toned-down effect, which suits light coloured stone bench tops, and stainless steel sinks
  • Chrome. Polished chrome looks fabulous, and goes with almost anything. It's timeless and easy to maintain.
  • Brass, gold, rose gold, nickel. These finishes go beautifully with heritage or country designs. A cream finish and cream lever handles also work a treat.

There is also a range of innovative combinations as well, like black and copper, black and chrome, gold and chrome.

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