<b>On Trend: Let’s Talk </b><b>Black Tapware</b><b>. </b>

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’ve ducked out of the renovation scene for some time you might have missed the cataclysmic rise of Matte Black. Today the finish draws the same demand as its classic cousin, Chrome. You might be surprised to learn that the two finishes, despite all distinctions, actually share a lot in common. They both boast the same (endless) number of benefits. 

Today Chrome and Matte Black dominate the tapware scene with equal command and not within just a single room of the home either. This goes for bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations alike. 

If you’re currently renovating one of these rooms, or all three, it’s worth exploring black tapware, and whether it’s an optimal choice for achieving your renovation goals. Without further ado let’s discuss why interior enthusiasts just can’t get enough of Matte Black. 

  • Matte Black makes a statement. 

  • This may come as a surprise, given the finish is popping up everywhere as of late, but Matte Black is still considered a rather new, atypical choice. When you compare it to just how many stainless steel and chrome taps you’ve encountered in your time it paints a pretty clear picture of how fresh and contemporary black remains. 

    We’re not as accustomed to seeing it which is why it manages to draw the eye so successfully. If you’re currently in the process of renovation you’ve likely been told to select a neutral colour palette for the sake of (design) longevity. This is a common piece of advice in the design world and, ironic as it sounds, it lends itself very heavily to black selections. 

    To ensure your tapware stands out, going black makes logical sense. There are very few neutral colour palettes that won’t welcome black accessories with open arms. Together, they make for a very high-grade, exceptional look. 

  • Although unique, it’s incredibly versatile. 

  • One of the most popular Matte Black collections at Bathware Direct is the Vivid Slimline range by Phoenix Tapware. Why does it attract so much attention? Aside from its graceful curvature and the emphasis on functionality, it’s because these taps are so versatile. It’s possible to achieve a cohesive bathroom by selecting a Basin Mixer and a Floor Mounted Bath Mixer from the same collection. 

    Australian renovators are harnessing the flexibility of Matte Black, creating a level of cohesion and unity that carries throughout the entire home. In newer homes especially it’s not unlikely that you’ll step into the bathroom and discover striking black accessories – the same or similar to those that appear across kitchen and laundry areas. This is a subtle, yet effective, way to generate a sense of flow from room-to-room. 

  • Black is perfect for a minimalist bathroom. 

  • Minimalism emerged in the late 1950s and it continues to capture the hearts of countless designers, stylists and home dwellers. We must say we love it too. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered bathroom – except those bathrooms that feel cluttered before a single guest occupies them. 

    Matte Black creates a level of contrast that makes a bright, light space feel even more grandiose and spacious. What’s more, a simple, sleek design doesn’t hold water or finger marks that often cause a bathroom to look messy or disordered. 

    If you fancy a space that retains its opulence over time we highly encourage considering black selections for your next renovation. Accessories like the Nero Mecca Towel Ring are on a mission to make functionality stylish again. 

  • It offers the same durability as chrome. 

  • If you’re holding back from the less traditional option in fear of its fleeting durability, there’s something you should know: a black finish holds up strong. You needn’t be worried that you’re investing in a short-lived design, especially if an accessory comes with electroplated coating. 

    The Nero Bianca Robe Hook is available in a number of finishes including Electroplated Matte Black. This process ensures your tapware and complementary accessories are less prone to chipping or dulling over time. 

  • The glamorous finish is available at a competitive price. 

  • Thanks to ever-growing demand black tapware is now priced at a similar price point to chrome and stainless steel options. This is great news for renovators in the market for modern, stylish tapware. It’s totally possible to create a high-level look on a budget, thanks to online stores like Bathware Direct. We’re always on a mission to make sure that fashion-forward options are accessible to as many Australian families as possible. 

    When in doubt feel free to shop our sale collection to make the most of Matte Black at an unmatched price point. Keep in mind that you’ll save on just about every Matte Black accessory available at Bathware Direct. That’s just what we do! 

  • It’s easy to acquire and order from Bathware Direct. 

  • Don’t kick yourself for being late to the trend. In many ways, this is the perfect time to pick up black accessories. Years ago it was more difficult to come by and thus often involved longer waiting times or the need for a custom order. These days the finish is so popular black accessories are made in abundance, and tend to be available as soon as you place an order. 

    For proof of that statement, all you have to do is dive deep into the massive selection of black tapware we offer at Bathware Direct. It’s forever expanding too so keep your eye out to replenish your home with lasting, albeit on-trend accessories.