3 bathroom additions you won’t regret.

At Bathware Direct, we love nothing more than being able to provide our customers with luxury bathroom experiences at affordable prices. We have thousands of products available in our range to help you create your dream bathroom. Whether your go-to is sleek chrome, neutral cream shades or something darker, we’ve got bathware products to match your palette. 

We’re all about bringing luxury to the everyday. If you’ve ever showered in winter and wished for a warmer towel, heard the term bidet  and wondered what the fuss is about or wished for a shower head just like the big one you experienced at that nice hotel, then this article is for you!

We’ve curated our top 3 bathroom favourites, where luxury, affordability and comfort join forces to take your overall bathroom experience to a whole new level. 

Let’s get this straight - so what actually is a bidet you ask?

Often associated as a luxury novelty or an element of the bathroom that’s often misunderstood - in three words, a bidet gives you the ultimate posterior clean. A bidet is the kind of thing you will walk away wondering how you lived without it - we’re here to convince you that this addition to your bathroom is most definitely worth it. Why?

  • Overall, they’re cleaner and more hygienic
  • They’re supportive and comfortable for those in postpartum, post surgery and with health conditions
  • Better for the environment because… water not wiping!

When adding a bidet to your ensuite or bathroom, it is to consider the space you’re working with. Whether you’re planning a makeover of an existing space or building your dream ensuite, consider the area you’d like your bidet to be placed. Integrating one into your space should not only be comfortable, but seamless. Meet your match and check out our range of high quality bidets here.

A winter indulgence - meet our heated towel ladders:

Have you ever heard someone say “I really regret buying a heated towel ladder!” - the answer is no, because no one ever regrets wrapping themselves in a toasty towel, morning or night.

We all know that feeling of stepping out of the shower on a crisp winter morning - the windows are steamy because you’ve blasted the hot water, but your towel isn’t quite as toasty as one would hope. The solution? One of our much-loved heated towel ladders

If you’re thinking that incorporating a towel ladder into your space may dominate your tiles or wall area - we hear you! But a towel ladder actually creates a beautiful focal point in your bathroom, a space to thoughtfully hang cosy towels of varying shades and textures. 

Check out our full selection here, and never endure a cold towel again! 

It doesn’t end there: let’s talk showerheads. 

Overhead and ceiling shower heads have been changing the shower game for years. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a full coverage showerhead to wash off the busyness of a long day, forget your stressors and truly unwind.

At Bathware Direct we have dozens of options for overhead showerheads, with designs to suit any style. For the bathrooms with an alluring dark palette our range includes multiple matte black options, or for those looking for a touch of opulence we’ve got rose gold, brushed nickel and so many more options to suit your space.

These are just our latest favourite items, we’ve got so many more on offer online or in-store at one of our showrooms