Three things to Know When Looking For A Vanity Unit

So, your renovation is complete, and it’s time to fill a contemporary bathroom with a perfect blend of contemporary accessories. The hard part is over – or at least, this is what you’re telling yourself. Allow us to be the bearer of bad news for just a moment (we promise there’s plenty of good to come). 

Shopping for the right vanity can demand a little more thought than you might assume. You see, it’s a gift and a curse just how many options there are available on the market. This means two things for shoppers like yourself: there’s an ideal solution somewhere in the mix… but an effective strategy is essential to hunt it down. 

When renovators visit the team at Bathware Direct, there are several must-have conversations to have before we even approach a list of potential solutions. Lucky for you, we’re taking readers of Bathware Direct through that same process today… right here, right now! 

Before you begin your search for a vanity, online or in-person, get ridiculously clear on your vision at large. Do more than consider the following pointers. Get out a pen and paper, and determine your answers. This will enable you to narrow down your search and ultimately expedite the process. Do this, and the vanity you select will certainly serve you for a lifetime!

  • Floor Standing vs. floating: know your preference. 
  • There are plenty of benefits to floor-standing and floating vanities. We’re often asked if we have a preference between the two, and the answer (much as no one wants to hear it!), is that it depends completely on your circumstance and your priorities. 

    Let’s look first at the benefits of a floating vanity unit. A floating or wall-hung vanity will often suit a smaller bathroom. Without occupying the whole wall, a floating vanity enlarges the perception of space, specifically within a powder room or ensuite. 

    It’s worth noting that if your shower or bath is in close proximity to your vanity, the bottom of your unit is bound to encounter regular wetness – a mere result of individuals occupying and vacating these wet areas. For longevity’s sake, you may gravitate towards a wall-hung vanity to dispel any concerns around early deterioration. 

    On the contrary, a floor-standing vanity unit tends to be larger in size. This ensures that your vanity functions as a centerpiece, or at the very least, a signature feature within your bathroom. For those curating their main bathroom, a floor-standing unit will balance the need for both visual appeal and utmost functionality. 

    Floor-standing vanities, including one of our favourites – the Trenton 900mm Floor Standing Vanity Unit – are advantageous as they bring structure to a larger space. They also provide immense storage capabilities, which is something that few wall-hung vanities are able to offer. 

    An advantage that is particularly unique to the Trenton Vanity is its classic, minimal design. If you do decide to move, you’ll thank yourself for prioritising versatility. The Trenton will seamlessly fit into both contemporary or traditional-style homes. 

    A floor-standing unit like the Trenton, which doesn’t require installation into your wall, is going to be far easier to move too. If the home you’re building is unlikely to be your lifetime home, flexibility is a key reason to consider a floor-standing solution. 

  • Know your colour palette… before you make any bold moves. 
  • The last thing you want to do is purchase a vanity, only to realise it comes with brushed chrome handles – a complete contradiction to the rose gold you’ve chosen for everything else. Our advice for avoiding this mishap is simple. Create a mood board and identify your colour palette, well before you embark on the furnishing process. 

    Are you aiming for a natural, earthy bathroom? If so, bring your vision to life with a Scandi Oak vanity. Maybe you’re curating a space that’s light, bright and full of white? This certainly warrants the Trenton Vanity in a gloss white finish. 

    Be careful not to overlook the minor details, like handle and taphole finishes. All of these features play massively into the final look and can make or break a cohesive, well-thought-out design. 

  • Know your user, and shop accordingly. 
  • Perhaps this piece of advice ought to be moved to first place. After all, it’s so integral to consider the users of your vanity. Is it just you and your spouse? Or is it the little ones in your household too? If the latter, a floor-standing vanity is unequivocally favourable to deter any climbing incentives. Trust us, you can never be too safe…

    If your vanity is to serve several members of the family, storage space is likely to take priority. The addition of soft-close doors and drawers also becomes important – and not only for durability. School mornings are stressful enough without the added symphony of slamming drawers. 

    The Trenton Vanity is a highly sought-after option for families fulfilling primary bathroom needs. Its timeless style and reliable design is the reason we continue to restock this design at Bathware Direct. If you love this option by Cob & Pen, it’s worth exploring more accessories from this premium supplier

    Otherwise, shop our full vanity range, making sure to refine your search according to our recommendations above. We can’t wait to see how you transform your bathroom with just the right unit! Be sure to take a photo of the final outcome and tag us on social media