5 Bathroom Trends That We Left Behind in 2023

At the end of 2023, we shared ‘5 Bathrooms Trends That Will Be Big in 2024’, all of which, are truly beginning to take shape as predicted. Now only two months into the new year, we’re already beginning to observe some changes in the status quo. So today, we present you with its antithesis: 5 Bathroom Trends That We Left Behind in 2023’. Curious to uncover what we’ve learnt? Read on to discover the 5 Bathroom trends that we’re gladly leaving in 2023.

All White Bathrooms


The reign of all-white bathrooms once considered the peak of sophistication and cleanliness, is coming to an end. And might we say, thank goodness for that! It really is true that white is the hardest hue to keep spotless, an entire room built of the stuff is what nightmares are made of. However, our gripe with all white bathrooms lies more with their lack of self-expression than their cleanliness-status. We’re seeing bathrooms receiving just as much thought as other areas around the home, and TBH, we’re so happy to see it! Our curated selection of statement vanities for bathrooms are our favourite way to incorporate some colour and interest into the space. Take the Timberline Florida Ensuite for example; there’s an almost limitless number of colourful and textured finishes this piece can be produced in. Just imagine the possibilities!


Minimalism be Gone


A natural follow on from the death of the all-white bathroom, designers and DIYers have started to reject minimalism as a whole. With its tight grip on interior design that’s that lasted for roughly a decade, the pendulum has well and truly swung the opposite direction. Interestingly, this move seems to be in time with fashion's step away from minimalism, which begs the question ‘are interiors influencing fashion?’. Regardless of the answer, we do know for certain that eclectic and maximalist interiors are on their way in – and that certainly includes the bathroom. Mix and match materials like marble, wood and brass to create visual interest and depth. Don’t be afraid to introduce more ornate finishings, such as our handmade Marilyn Traditional Style Arch Mirror, which features charming Art Nuveau-esque style finishes along the frame.


Plant Filled Bathrooms


While the concept of biophilia (bringing the outdoors in) is still a very much loved concept, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that sometimes our bathrooms aren’t exactly the perfect environment for live plants to thrive. Often, limited access to sunlight and high humidity levels in the bathroom leaves our little green friends looking worse for wear, creating a bit of a bleak vibe overall. If this sounds like your bathroom (or perhaps you’re just lacking a green thumb), don’t ditch the plants just yet. Instead, opt for some high quality faux foliage and plants that look just like the real thing. Our friends at Vavoom stock a seriously impressive rang of faux greenery designed for the indoors, that you simply *cannot* kill – no matter the colour of your thumb.  


Bright Overhead Lighting


Right now, it’s almost impossible to avoid any online discourse regarding the ‘big light’. Designers and regular folk, alike, have taken to social media by the thousands expressing their disdain for overhead lighting, labelling it the ‘big light’. And their reasons are warranted – it casts unflattering shadows and disrupts the ambience of any space. Instead, these design aficionados are imploring their viewers to consider ambient lighting. Luckily, the bathroom is one of the easiest spaces in the home where you can ditch the big light in favour of a warmer, gentler hue. Take a look at backlit mirrors, sconces or vanities for bathrooms with LED capabilities, and turn the ‘big light’ off for good.


 Standing Vanities for Small Spaces


Space and resource permitting, we’re seeing a move away from standing vanities in favour of hung vanities, which have an ultra luxe feel. Of course, there’s always going to be a place for the classic standing vanity, but they tend to look better in bathrooms that are more accommodating of space. There’s a bit of psychology to the hung vanity going on here, freeing up a bit of floor space (albeit mostly unusable) tricks the mind into thinking the bathroom is much bigger than it is. This concept is especially good to keep in mind when working with tight and compact spaces – like ensuites. If you’re looking at vanities for bathrooms, consider the size of the space, and if it’s worth hanging it up.


As with all trends, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re just trends, and not an absolute list of what you should and should not do. Keep the ones that resonate and move past the ones that don’t feel like right for you. If you’re more confused than ever, get in touch with our customer service team to find a solution that’s perfect for you.  


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