5 Bathroom Trends That Will Be Big in 2024

A well designed bathroom is simply *chefs kiss*. With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to tackle a much needed remodel or simple cosmetic touch up. The good news is we’ve consulted our crystal ball, and can share with you 5 bathroom trends we think will be huge in 2024. If a reno is on the horizon, we suggest you keep reading…

Wall Paint | The Era of Bold Colours

Say goodbye to the inoffensive and monochromatic color schemes that have reigned supreme in recent years- in 2024, we’re embracing bold and vibrant colours. Let’s be clear, when we say bold we’re not suggesting anything intentionally offensive spalshed on your walls (we’re looking at you, fluro). Instead, perhaps it’s time to put down the Duck Egg White paint swatch and opt for a moody Ox Blood or a deep Forest Green. Eternally more interesting and inviting than living in a white box, the key here is to opt for colours which still evoke a sense of calm. Bonus points if you include the ceiling in your paint too - trust us, it’ll totally transform your space. 

Mood Lighting | Functional Ambiance 

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and ambiance of any space. This news on its own isn’t so much a trend, as it is a simple fact. 2024 will see an increase of ambient lighting fused with everyday products - especially in the bathroom. For a relatively low price point, you can upgrade your vanity mirror for Thermogroup’s premium oval mirror with LED backlighting, which will cast a gentle warm glow. To really lean into this trend, Timberline offer their own LED Under cabinet lighting kit which works so well in vanities for bathrooms.

Mixed Metals | Hardware Harmony

Just as fashionistas have begun to mix their gold and silverware jewellery, bathrooms too will embrace a spectrum of metals. It wasn’t too long ago that we linked the hardware in your bathroom akin to your jewellery! You can read more about that in our blog post here. We think designers and consumers alike won’t be super pressed on matching all their hardware, instead embracing an eclectic and personalised look. The key here isn’t to go overboard, perhaps just sticking to 2 or 3 different finishes. At Bathware Direct, we love the way brass compliments matte black, and how gold perfectly compliments silver. 

Functional Vanities | Storage Solutions

There’s a seemingly endless number of vanities for bathrooms on the market these days, from minimalist white structures to pieces so ornate, they’re almost more of an art piece in their own right. While we certainly appreciate a design orientated piece, there’s one major consideration to keep in mind when shopping for vanities for bathrooms - and that’s storage. Super unsexy - uh huh, we know. But, it’s THE pivotal element in keeping your bathroom organaised and clutter-free. We think 2024 will see the rise of the popular modernist concept ‘form follows function’. Basically, this means more bathrooms are going to prioritise the functionality of a piece, as opposed to its aesthetic value. We love wall hung vanities as they create the illusion of space, whilst also serving as storage. If you’re interested in a more custom option, check out our range of vanity cabinet colour swatches, for a tailored solution to suit your needs. 

Art in the Bathroom | Elevating Aesthetics

Is it just us, or does there seem to be some kind of unspoken rule about no art in bathrooms? It initially feels a bit weird and unnatural to hang pieces in your bathroom, but these walls need love too! In 2024, we’re predicting a change in the status quo, with the rise of artworks in the bathroom. The key to navigating art in a humid environment is to look for pieces that are properly sealed and framed to protect the piece from any moisture. We find glass, acrylic and resin are the most sturdy in this environment. Best not to place your piece directly above or next to the shower or bath to avoid excessive moisture exposure. Looking for artwork inspo? Look no further than our friends at Vavoom, who stock an impressive selection of art fit for any room in the home. Check them out here.