Overhead Showers Vs Hand Showers: Understanding the Difference

If there’s something we’re passionate about at Bathware Direct, it’s transforming your bathroom into an oasis so that you’re guaranteed to experience a little bit of restful rejuvenation in your busy day. And while we recognise that to achieve this it usually takes a more holistic approach (think selecting the right vanities for bathrooms, installing a freestanding bath or even considering what type of mirror to buy) we love starting with the shower, as it’ll make a big impact right away. 

This can often be a surprise to some DIY-ers, as the concept of a shower is pretty simple and hasn’t really been innovated in… forever? However, it all comes down to the choice of shower head, and what kind of experience you want from it. Let’s explore the differences between an overhead shower system vs. a hand shower system so you can fit a solution that’s perfect for you.


Overhead Showers Mean Embracing Luxury From Above:


Imagine stepping into a warm, steamy shower to be greeted by gentle drops of water falling from what feels like the sky above. This is the essence of an overhead shower, also known as a rainfall shower (you know the ones!)

These are the kind of shower heads you’ll see at luxurious spas and hotels, as they emulate a feeling of bathing in nature – if only the rain were warm! These fixtures are typically mounted on the ceiling or high up on the wall, providing a truly immersive bathing experience. Explore below more reasons to love an overhead shower


Maximum Coverage:

With their position firmly fixed into the wall or ceiling, overhead showers typically enjoy a larger spray pattern and therefore, a larger surface area of coverage. This means the water will be dispersed more evenly across your body, so nothing gets missed!

Simple Design:

Considering their benefits beyond just functionality, an overhead shower is sleeker and more minimal in design, and is generally considered the more visually premium option. Due to their ability to be in one fixed position, they don’t need to be mobile and can therefore be more simple and refined.

Starting to feel like you’re sold on an overhead shower head? Bathware Direct stocks a wide range that’s designed to suit any aesthetic and budget. Check out our range here, and while you’re there - browse our vanities for bathrooms, bath/shower mixers and tapware.


Hand Showers - The Go-To for Good Reason:


Take control back into your own hands (literally) and consider a hand shower. As the name suggests, this type of shower head is one that can be held in the hand and therefore moved around the body for optimal shower coverage. These handheld types are attached to a flexible hose, which allows for added movement and functionality - great for washing little ones and also super useful for cleaning! Here’s why we would consider installing a hand shower:


Targeted Cleaning:

The flexible hose means you can direct water in precise directions, resulting in a highly targeted clean. Whether you’re rinsing product from your hair, cleaning hard-to-reach areas or even popping your pet in for a clean, a hand - held device is going to offer a lot more precision and help than a fixed solution.



Folks with limited mobility often opt for this type of shower head, as you can fully customise the height and angles in which the water falls. This is especially helpful for carers or parents with young children, as they can easily assist with the bathing process.


Water Efficiency:

Hand showers usually have a more condensed spray pattern as they need to be optimised for portability, however it does mean that they are more water efficient. This is a great option if you’re looking to make your home eco-conscious and environmentally friendly.


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Combo Shower - the Best of Both Worlds

Still can’t make up your mind between an overhead shower and a hand shower? Then perhaps a combo shower is for you. You don’t have to worry about choosing between the benefits of both when you combine them in a 2-in-1 overhead and hand shower system. It’s a win-win solution that should make everyone happy!


View our collection of combo showers here.

Whether you're drawn to the luxury of an overhead shower, the versatility of a hand shower, or perhaps even both, Bathware Direct has options to suit you.


Visit our product pages today to explore our range of shower heads, vanities for bathrooms and general bathroom accessories, and transform your daily shower routine into a truly indulgent experience.