bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors do magical things. They brighten up the whole bathroom and can make the space look larger.

The importance of mirrors can't be overestimated. As you're doing your bathroom makeover, it's worth taking a little extra time and effort to install the right type of mirror. Step back and take in the overall design of your bathroom. What type of mirror would work best?

There is a myriad of styles on the market, so you're certainly spoilt for choice. Let's take a look at 4 fabulous mirrors that would work beautifully in any bathroom.

Rising moon bathroom mirrors

One of the fabulous mirror styles is the rising moon mirror. This is where designers have created a beautiful, slim shelf with a perfectly round mirror positioned behind it. It's done in such a way that it looks like a full moon is rising on a well-lit night.

It's a lovely effect that adds creativity to your bathroom design. It's also very practical, because it incorporates an attractive shelf for decorating with an aromatic oil jar, a vase with a flower, or some of your personal care items.

Rising moon mirrors bring a sense of sophistication and softness, and make the bathroom a very inviting place.

bathroom mirrors

Back-lit mirror with magnifier

Another very practical mirror design is a large, back-lit mirror. All of a sudden, you can see better which makes it easier when you're doing personal care tasks.

Having subtle lighting is a beautiful feature of any bathroom, but when it comes to personal care tasks at the mirror, you need the Hollywood movie star effect. The back-lit mirror is perfect for the job.

The back-lit mirror with magnifier gives you the important lighting you need, when you need it. With its petite, cleverly designed inset magnifier, you have the added advantage of complete accuracy. It saves you having to pull a portable magnifying mirror out of the vanity cupboard every time.

Choosing an extra large, back-lit mirror will give you the added advantage of opening up the space during the daytime, and reflecting more natural light throughout the room.

Timber-framed bathroom mirrors create a sense of warmth

Timber highlights in a bathroom create an earthy, warm feel. A timber framed mirror works beautifully with a vanity that has timber cabinets and a stone bench. When you incorporate the timber features, you can bring a beautiful warmth into the space, you're closer to nature, and you feel at one with creation.

There are some delightful timber-framed mirrors on the market which will enhance any bathroom.

Depending on your bathroom design and the effect you want, you may delight in choosing a pair of petite timber-framed mirrors. You could also go completely the other way by choosing a huge 1500mm wide timber-framed mirror to complement a wide vanity.

Pre-painted timber frames also create a lovely effect, but it's completely different to the result you'll get with raw timber. In this case, the colours give your space a sense of brightness and pizzazz and bring with it an uplifting feeling, and that's a welcome choice in any bathroom.

bathroom mirrors

A practical pair

There's something that can be said for having your own mirror when you're in the bathroom. Two people can do personal care at the same time without feeling self-conscious.

A pair of wall hung mirrors is a very practical choice especially when you have the space.

By separating them a distance, you can create a fantastic look in the bathroom above an extra wide vanity bench. In the space between them, and on either side, you can add a decorative touch with petite, wall-mounted sconces, or some other creative accessories for that extra touch around the mirrors. 

A pair of mirrors look fabulous, whether they're;

  • tall rectangular,
  • perfectly round,
  • stretched oval, or
  • other shapes that work in the space.

The one thing to remember in all of this, is that your bathroom is your personal space. You want it to be inviting and put you in a joyful mood. Choose the accessories that will enhance your wellness, put you in a good frame of mind, and make you feel happy.

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