bathroom basins Melbourne

There's no doubt that one of the most important rooms in the home is the bathroom. It's where you spend the majority of your time.

You can't go wrong when you invest in a stunning design for this space. It gives you joy and can add value to your home. That's a bonus worth remembering whenever you do a renovation or makeover.

This brings us to the best bathroom basins Melbourne.

Part of a creating an immaculate bathroom is choosing the right basin. You might be thinking a basin seems like such a small part of it, and in a way you're right, but your choice has a huge effect on the overall look because the basin is a focal point.

There are four fabulous styles worth considering for your bathroom. Let's have a look at them.

Above counter bathroom basins Melbourne

Designers have been working overtime to create amazing basins for an outstanding look in bathrooms. One of the most popular styles is the above counter bowl. There's just something special about it that makes any space look amazing.

You're spoilt for choice with the different styles of above counter bowls on the market today. No matter what effect you want to create in your bathroom, there is an exciting range of colours and shapes to make it happen.

Whatever colour you want, you'll find it:

  • The full spectrum of light pastels
  • Traditional whites
  • Matte blacks
  • Multiple colour blends
  • and more

Then there's the myriad of shapes. Above counter bowls come in so many different shapes and patterns, profiles and capacities. Whichever you choose, you're sure to end up with a stunning look.

bathroom basins Melbourne

Wall mounted basins have a style all of their own

If you're not fussed on having a lot of storage space in your bathroom or you can make up for it in other innovative ways, then a wall mounted basin makes a real statement.

These are mounted directly to the wall, as the category suggests, and there's no vanity. The benchtop usually looks better when it's 40mm or more, and under the bench the plumbing is revealed.

Wall mounted basins are a cutting-edge designer look that turns your bench and basin into a feature peace.

  • Your space looks larger
  • You can feature your tiled floor more completely
  • The plumbing becomes a feature piece as well

Wall mounted basins are very stylish, and that can add value to your home when it comes time to sell. 

Semi-recessed basins for narrow benchtops

You may have a narrow bathroom or small ensuite you want to renovate. This is when you turn to the range of semi-recessed basins that are available. These are a fantastic solution for saving space.

Semi-recessed basins are designed with a cut-out on the sides of the basin. This means they can be mounted half on the bench, with half protruding over the edge.  

The beauty is you don't have to compromise on bowl size; you can still enjoy the benefit of a good size bowl with a narrow bench. Of course, there are smaller semi-recessed bowls as well if it suits your space better.

Generally speaking, if your benchtop is 400mm deep or less, this is when semi-recessed basins are a fabulous choice. It's worth going to the trouble if you want the best result for an ensuite or narrow bathroom. Your efforts will reward you.

bathroom basins Melbourne

Undermount basins create the ultimate minimalist look

The list of the 4 fabulous bathroom basins Melbourne renovators love would be incomplete without the undermount basin. This is installed under the bench. If you're wanting a his and hers arrangement, then undermount basins give the room a simple, stylish, uncluttered look.

There are other benefits as well, such as:

  • minimalist design
  • less bowl to clean
  • easier to clean the benchtop

Wall mounted tapware compliments the look beautifully. It's seamless and easy on the eye when there's nothing mounted on the bench.

Remember that you lose some storage space in the cabinet because of the way the bowl is sitting but if you can make adjustments for this then it's well worth your while. The sleek look you achieve is nothing short of spectacular, as with the Plati Undermount Basin in white gloss by Seima, available at Bathware Direct.

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