bidet toilet australia

There's no doubt that with a bidet toilet Australia has seen a new bathroom experience. For some it will be life-changing. It's like when you've been driving a clapped out old car for years and then suddenly you own a Rolls Royce. The difference is beyond words.

Bidet toilets are certainly the Rolls Royce of toilets. They're also not cheap. True quality bidet toilets are an investment and you soon find out how much that investment pays off.

We're going to unpack 3 life-changing benefits of bidet toilets:

  1. Superior hygiene level for you and your family
  2. More comprehensive clean
  3. Easier for the elderly and anyone living with disability

These 3 benefits alone are enough to explain why you can't go without having a bidet toilet.

Get the superior hygiene for you and your family with a bidet toilet Australia is falling for

Never everyone would agree that the less you have to touch your toilet, the more hygienic the experience is.

There are differing reports about how many germs there are per square centimetre on a toilet seat and on the flush button, but what we do know is that the toilet seat and flush button are home to a staggering amount of harmful bacteria.

Some bidet toilets have elminated this issue. They're designed so you don't have to touch any part of the toilet during your bathroom experience.

With these models, you walk in the room, the bidet toilet senses you're in the room and the lid opens automatically. With some models the toilet even starts playing music for you. When you're finished, and your posterior/feminine cleanse is completed, you simply walk away from the toilet without looking back.

The toilet flushes automatically, the lid softly closes by itself, and all you need to do is wash your hands. You don't need to touch the flush button, the seat, anything.

This is extra good news for children who can be inclined to leaving the toilet without closing the lid or washing their hands.

It's a more comprehensive clean

bidet toilet australia

Toilet paper can only achieve a certain level of cleansing. The problem we're facing is there is no water to assist with the clean. The tissue is dry and so there always seems to be something left over no matter how much you try and clean yourself afterwards. It's impossible to do a thorough personal clean with dry toilet paper.

The bidet toilet is designed to overcome this and provide a superior level of posterior personal clean.

After you've finished, while you're still seated, a jet spray device is automatically activated. It positions itself and gently sprays warm water onto your rear end. This cleans away all signs of trouble. The bidet also offers a personal feminine clean in much the same way.

For additional comfort level, the pressure of the water is regulated and the water temperature is just perfect to prevent any jarring.

Once the jet has finished spraying and is self-retracted into the toilet, the system then gently dries you with gentle, warm air. The end result is a most thorough posterior and feminine clean. It's the ultimate in toilet hygiene and leaves you feeling fresh afterwards.

Easier for the elderly and those living with disability

One area which is often fogotten is 'who else uses the toilet?' If you share your home with someone who is elderly or living with a disability, getting a top bidet toilet in Australia is the solution.

bidet toilet australia

If it's an elderly person and they're living with any level of Alzheimers, then you have peace of mind knowing they're getting the clean they need when they're using the toilet. If the person forgets to wash their hands, they haven't had to touch the toilet seat, the flush button, or self clean, so you could argue that their hands can maintain some level of hygiene.

If it's limited hand movement a person is living with, then the bidet toilet is the easiest and most comfortable way to experience a hygienic personal clean. The bidet toilet does everything for them.

If it's someone living with another form of disability, you're providing that person with the independence they need to go to the toilet and receive a thorough clean with little to no effort.    

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