how to change a mixer tap

Mixer taps are a luxury item that can't be beaten. Effortless to turn on, quick to find the right temperature, easy to turn off, but like everything they don't last forever.

This handy guide for how to change a mixer tap will make your job so easy, you'll feel like updating all the taps in your home at the same time, and why not?

It may be that there's nothing wrong with your existing mixer taps, apart from being outdated, old fashioned, tired looking.

It may be that they're past their long use by date, and need replacing.

Whatever the reason, it's the perfect opportunity to update your space and enjoy fabulous new features at the same time. The bonus is, it's something you can do yourself pretty quickly and cost effectively.

Step 1 for how to change a mixer tap is to understand the plumbing arrangement

Knowing how mixer taps are plumbed and fitted is key to an easy, successful change over. Check under your sink and spend some time looking at the plumbing set up.

Gain an understanding of:

  • The plumbing arrangement and how the individual hoses are fitted
  • The difference between the hot water hose and cold water hose
  • The stops under the bench that isolate the water supply
  • The way the main nut and U shaped fitting secure the tap to the hole in the sink

To do the job, you'll need an adjustable spanner, a ratchet hex set, a towel, and a rag.

how to change a mixer tap

Step 2 for how to change a mixer tap is removing the existing one

Now it's time to remove the old tap. A handy tip is to place a towel on the sink top around the tap and an old rag under the bench next to the stops. The towel will stop the tap from falling sideways once disconnected and scratching your sink. The rag will soak up any excess water that comes out of the stops when you disconnect the hoses.

  • Turn the water supply off completely at the stops and check that it does stop the supply
  • Undo the hoses from the stops with your spanner. They'll usually unscrew fairly easily by hand once you've loosened the grip
  • Loosen the nut under the bench that's holding the old mixer in place using your ratchet hex set or spanner

Once you've done this the old mixer tap is ready to remove.

Simply lift it out of the hole slowly, bringing the hoses with it. You may need to fiddle around with the ends of the hoses to bring them through the hole one by one. They certainly won't come out at the same time because of the fittings at the end of each hose.

how to change a mixer tapStep 3 for how to change a mixer tap is fitting the new tap

It's been pretty easy so far.

Next is fitting your shiny new tap. You may want to clean off the surface dirt that's accumulated around the edges of the sink hole first. That way you get a nice snug fit to the sink.

  • Prepare your new mixer tap to go into the hole
  • Feed the hoses through one by one and position the tap
  • Refit the main nut (U shape fitting) and tighten to secure the tap in place
  • Check the tap is sitting on the sink correctly and then fully tighten the main nut
  • Reconnect the hoses to the stops, paying attention to using the right hoses for each of the cold and hot taps, and tighten

Be careful not to overtighten the main nut, but the hoses need to be fairly tight or there may be some leaking. Rule of thumb is never to overtighten if possible.

Simply turn the stops back on and presto! Your new mixer tap should be operating beautifully. Now you're ready to replace all the other taps.

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