white tapware

Renovating your home with white tapware may seem like a great idea, but there are some things you need to know before making this choice.

The ultimate purpose for updating a space is to achieve the very best look, but behind that is the need for your choice to be easy on you: easy to maintain, easy to preserve, easy to last the distance. You don't want to design a space that becomes a lot of hard work.

In this article we'll unpack the white tapware option:

  • the pros
  • the cons
  • the best colour choices for tapware

With this information, you'll be better equipped to make a smart decision for your renovation.

The pros of white tapware

Creating a unique looking bathroom and kitchen is what you want. It adds character to the space and makes a statement about who you are.

Some people love the idea of white and that's understandable. It's clean looking, has a fresh style about it, and brings the feeling of added hygiene. It can make a space look brighter, offsets black nicely, and blends into a white bathroom design.

These are all positives, but there are some negatives you need to know about.

The cons of choosing white for your tapware

Like everything, there are pros and cons with white tapware that you should consider. Here's just a handful of the negatives to keep in mind:

Discolouring: White looks fabulous but over time it can lose its brightness and start to fade. In some cases, it can take on a yellowish tinge through age or certain stains. You then end up with an unattractive look which defeats the purpose of choosing white in the first place.

white tapware

Scratches: Through normal wear and tear, especially in the kitchen, the white enamel can become easily and badly scratched. This can also happen during servicing.

When washers need to be changed, a plumber will use tools to unscrew the flange to get to the spindle. There have been instances when the white finish has been horribly scratched in the process. This is a heartbreaking result. It means having to go to the trouble of finding a new flange. With white being a rarer colour choice, this may be difficult. 

Cracking: When servicing needs to be done on these taps, there is a risk of cracking the enamel. A plumber may be careful to prevent scratching but cracking the enamel is in a category of its own, and something that may not be possible avoiding. Once again, you'll be looking to find a replacement flange, or having to fork out good money for new white tapware.

Whether it's white pillar taps, lever taps or spouts, they can all become scratched, marked, or lose their white sheen.

The best colour choices for tapware

There is a plethora of colours available when it comes to tapware. The choice of finishes include white, polished chrome, matte black, gun metal, brass, rose gold, stainless steel and other colours.   

Each look fabulous, each have their pros and cons, and each need to be cared for properly or the look can be damaged irreparably.

For a colour/finish that makes life easy on you, chrome is a very popular choice.

white tapware

This is for several reasons:

  • Ease of finding matching tapware and replacements. If anything should happen during servicing, chrome is so widely used, finding a replacement flange will be easy. This will save you purchasing all new tapware.
  • Any scratches don't show up as much: generally speaking, a scratch on chrome tapware looks less obvious than on a colour, especially white.
  • Less marking: Another benefit is that fingerprints on chrome don't tend to show up as much as some other colours.
  • Easy to clean: Chrome is simple to clean, and if it's looked after, it will retain its shiny appearance.
  • Versatile: A chrome finish goes with almost anything. You can have all types of colours and finishes in your space, and chrome tapware always seems to fit in beautifully making it easy to choose tapware for your makeover.

With the styles of chrome tapware available, you'll find the perfect choice to match the design, colours and look of your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. Whether it's pillar taps or mixer taps, you'll find every shape and design possible in chrome.

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