Tips for buying bathroom tapware online

The beauty of eCommerce is, whatever you want to buy is being sold by someone, somewhere in the world. When you're buying bathroom tapware online ensure that ‘someone’ you're buying from is a trusted bathware retailer.

The last thing you want is to make a purchase from some backyard online store and end up with a poor-quality product.

Also, it pays to check the water ratings, the shipping cost, and the length of time it will take to reach you. Once you've found a great online bathware products store which ticks all the boxes, shopping is fun and easy. It's no wonder consumers are buying more and more online.

Choosing the right online store is more important than you think.

Interact with the online store

When you're buying bathroom tapware online buy it from an Australian dealer; simply because the products will usually be made to Australian standards.

Once you find a store, get a feel for it. A great practice is to interact with the staff. Email them or call them if possible, to find out more.

Listen to the manner they use when they email you.

  • Are they friendly and engaging?
  • Do they give you an enjoyable customer experience or do they come across indifferent?
  • Do they make you feel valued or like you're bothering them?
  • Do they email you back promptly and with a friendly tone?
  • Are they knowledgeable about their products or clueless?
  • Will they happily allow you to change a product you bought if need be?

By interacting with them, you'll know if it's the kind of store you'll want to deal with or not. Making sure you have a proper means to contact them if anything should go wrong is crucial.

Check measurements where needed

Once you've found a great online bathware store, you'll need to check the measurements for what you're getting. Normally, with the good stores, you'll find measurements for almost every product. This allows you to buy accurately and with confidence. If the store doesn't have measurements, it can make it more guess work, which is not what you want.

Look at the measurements of the tapware you're buying and check they work in your space.

Some considerations include:

  • If you have a basin with a raised edge which only allows a certain amount of space for tapware. If you have a narrow basin close to the wall, you'll want to ensure the new tapware fits into the space.
  • If it's goose neck tapware you're buying, check the measurements of the tapware, the diameter of the curve and the height. Is it the correct height? Does the spout reach over into your basin comfortably?
  • If you're buying shower rails, check that the length works in your shower. Check the height the shower head sits at. Is it too low? Can it be adjusted?

Be thorough when you are checking measurements. Once you've done that, it’s time to choose the finish.

Check the finishes you need

Before you buy your tapware, check the finish carefully


Is it the right finish for your space? Do all the taps you're buying have the same finish for creating flow and balance in the room?

If you want the same finish as the old tapware, make a note of the existing finish to narrow down your search.

Maybe you'll see a different finish you didn't even think of which really grabs your attention. Be sure it matches the overall design and look of your bathroom. Check that the rest of the tapware you're buying comes in the same finish if you're matching them all.

WELS Star Water Ratings count for a lot

When you're buying tapware online, usually a good store will include the WELS Star Water Ratings for the product. You'll want to check that the rating is good and you're buying a product that's water efficient, to avoid higher utilities bills and help towards promoting a greener environment.

You'll find a lot of tapware is 3 Stars which is the minimum number of stars an astute buyer should accept. 3 Stars indicates 9 litres per minute water usage which is pretty standard for tapware. Anything above 3 Stars and you're saving even more in water usage and costs.

If it has a '0' star rating, look in the product description for the litres per minute information.

When unsure, stick with trusted brands

If you come across tapware online that you love but you don't know the brand, do some quick research. Check the quality. Check the lifespan. Check the feedback and reviews on the product. Ask friends if they've come across the brand.

Usually you'll find enough information about the product in the online store's product information to make an informed decision. Compare similar products from different brands and compare prices.

If you're still not sure, stick with brands you know and trust for quality and performance, like the Huss round pin lever shower bath mixer diverter, available at Bathware Direct.

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