A handy guide to selecting the right shower head

A very simple way to freshen up the look of your shower is to install a new shower head. It will give an updated feel to your shower for minimal outlay. It's something you can do yourself, quickly and easily. With this guide to selecting the right shower head, you'll be better informed to make the right choice.

When you browse through all the shower heads online you might be amazed at the number of styles available on the market. The bigger the choice, the more chance there is of finding exactly what you're looking for. But what exactly are you looking for in a shower head?

Each type you come across will have its own unique advantages and benefits. Deciding which features and benefits are most important to you narrows down the search.

Features and benefits of different shower heads

Ultimately, your guide to selecting the right shower head starts with knowing the different types and styles of showers, and what they offer.

The most popular showers are:

  • Rainfall
  • Wall mounted
  • Hand held
  • Hand shower on rails
  • Combination overhead/hand shower

Rainfall and waterfall shower head. The water droplets are larger. The coverage area is greater. The way the water cascades over you is soothing and relaxing. The shower head can normally be adjusted slightly in different directions. The choice comes in both wall or ceiling mounted.

Wall mounted fixed shower head. These are simple, easy shower arrangements that give you enough movement for adjusting the direction of the spray. Some have many different spray options including water saving sprays. The added benefit is there's less to clean.

Wall mounted hand shower. These are handy because you are able to move the direction of the spray in any direction you want. The range is just as comprehensive as wall mounted fixed versions including designer rectangular styles with a rainfall spray effect. Some hand showers offer up to 5 different types of sprays including a water saving spray. Their versatility makes them ideal for when you're cleaning the shower.

Shower rail type is equally convenient. The key benefit is being able to adjust the height of the shower head, which is perfect for growing families.

Combination hand shower/rain head arrangements give you the convenient choice of using the overhead shower or the detachable shower head.

There are also many different bath/shower tapware sets which come with a diverter tap for a bath/shower arrangement. You have all the different varieties of shower heads to choose from, and the bonus is you can change the direction of the water flow to the outlet of your choice.

Which shower heads save on water usage?

If your guide to selecting the right shower head doesn't have information about water usage, you're missing out on valuable information.

Paying attention to the WELS Star Water Rating will save you money. Look for the label in the product description. You'll find some shower heads have '0' star ratings, so look for the litres per minute information in the product description.

A lot of shower heads have 3 Stars which indicates 9 litres per minute. This should be the minimum you go with. 4 Stars indicates 6 litres per minute, which is even better.

The Australian government has great information online about showers that save water. Every 1L/min difference will save an average family of four nearly 12,000 litres of water.

Replacing the shower that flows at 15L/min with a new:

  • 3-star shower at 9L/min will save approximately $210 each year on water bills
  • 4-star shower at 6L/min will save approximately $315 per year on water bills

You may save an equivalent amount (or more) each year on energy bills as well, because less water will be heated for showers. This depends on energy costs.

These stats are based on showering for 8 minutes per day, at an average water price of $2.99/kL.

Choosing the finish of your shower head

Bathroom showers
As this is about replacing the shower, it's beneficial to consider what finish you want.
  • Same for same is a safe option to match the rest of the tapware.
  • Matte black gives the shower a designer feel.
  • Polished chrome works with any bathroom design.
  • Golds, rose golds, decorative chrome work beautifully in heritage and vintage bathrooms.
  • Brushed satin brings a look of sophistication.

If you're planning on renovating the entire bathroom down the track, then buying for the future is smart. Your new shower head may not look right at the moment but once it's time to do the entire makeover, you'll already have the new shower head in place. It will also serve as a motivator to get your fabulous bathroom renovation underway.

Hopefully this handy guide to selecting the right shower head has empowered you to make better choices.

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