Things to consider before you choose bathroom tapware

One very easy way to update the look of your bathroom is simply to replace the bathroom tapware. It can be done quickly and easily, but there are some things to consider before you choose bathroom tapware.

At first, it might become a bit overwhelming when you start looking online, because of the vast range available. 

The key is to simplify the search. The best way to do this is to identify the existing plumbing configuration. Once you've done this you can easily recognise the type of tapware that works with that.

Understanding the different types of bathroom plumbing configurations 

When you're buying bathroom tapware online, finding tapware for the existing plumbing is the best way to go. It can help by making a sketch of the plumbing set up at each location where you're replacing tapware, so you can refer to it as you search. The most important thing is the position of all the inlets and outlets.

There are 3 main types of tapware plumbing arrangements; pillar tap, mixer tap and monobloc.

  • Pillar tap is the traditional 3 piece tapware set with your individual hot and cold taps and centre spout. Some stylish pillar taps come with the spout located to one side of the taps, and not in the middle.   
  • Mixer tap is standard tapware today that allows you to control the temperature and flow through one handle. There are a few types of mixer taps including the versions for the bath and basin shaped like the letter H. These have two separate inlets, and individual hot and cold levers. They're designed for installing to traditional plumbing used for pillar taps. This makes it possible to have a mixer tap where you currently have pillar tap plumbing.
bathroom tapware
  • Monobloc is basically a mixer tap with just one lever to control the temperature and flow. It's also called a single lever mixer tap.

Once you understand the different configurations, you're equipped to make more informed choices.

Different types of bath tapware available

Things to consider before you choose bathroom tapware for the bath. Now that you have a rough sketch of the plumbing configuration at the bath, let's look at all the choices you have.  

Here's a snapshot of bathware tap styles on the market:

  • Wall or deck mounted pillar tap style. These are traditional plumbing arrangement. There are fabulous designer taps and spouts that suite this, including taps with ceramic cartridges. These make turning them on and off effortless 
  • Wall or deck mounted mixer tap. This gives a designer look to your bath. The choice of designer spouts is vast, including waterfall 
  • Freestanding bathmixer (Floor mounted). This is where the inlet comes out of the floor. The Pipe rises vertically to above bath height to supply the water. Normally you won't have this sort of plumbing configuration, but if you're doing a complete makeover, and you have the money to replumb, this style looks fabulous

If you have a bath/shower, and the plumbing arrangement is already in place for diverter taps, there's an endless list of styles and combinations. You'll be able to recognise what works with your arrangement with your sketch of the outlets in the bath/shower. 

Different types of shower tapware

Browsing through the tapware online for your shower, once again you'll find many fabulous styles, features and functionalities to choose from. 

These include:

  • Hand shower, giving you the convenience of being able to move the shower head around any direction you want. Hand held showers have the added advantage of making it easy to wash tiles and shower screens down when cleaning
  • Combination overhead/hand shower, offering a convenient choice of overhead and hand held showers
  • Shower rail, giving you flexibility of changing the height of the shower head. Perfect for growing families
  • Rain shower, for a more luxurious effect, with larger water droplets, and larger coverage
  • Diverter tap options for bath/shower. A lot of the tapware we mentioned comes in diverter tap options for bath/shower arrangements, making it easy to switch the flow of water to different outlets

There are a lot of very handy combinations for the shower. Understanding what your existing plumbing arrangement is will make choosing tapware easy.

Other things to consider before you choose bathroom tapware

A few other things to remember are the design of your bathroom, the quality you want, the level of cleaning your prepared to do. The more there is to the tapware the more there is to clean.

Design. Do you have a modern look, designer look, heritage style? What style of tapware suits that space? Just because you have a designer bathroom doesn't mean you have to have designer tapware and fittings. Some classic tapware can be used as a feature piece.

Finish. Matching tapware finish is generally what most DIYers choose to do. Sometimes offsetting the finish can really work, such as using matt black tapware.

Quality. You may simply want the cheapest range because you're installing it in a rental property. In this case it's important to choose the budget range from renowned brands. These brands are trusted and give you the extra durability you need.

If it's your own bathroom, you may want the best quality tapware, such as the Nero Celia Flat Rail Square 250mm Combination Shower in Gunmetal Grey from Bathware Direct.

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