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When you're doing a commercial fit-out or renovation, there are certain 'must have' commercial toilet fittings for the washroom. These fittings can't be used as a blanket approach for every washroom, because nearly every washroom is different. There are specific fittings you need for the type of washroom and type of patrons using the space.

Imagine if you run an expensive, classy restaurant. It's generally not filled with undesirables dining there. These are high class restaurant goers. Imagine if the washroom is ugly, old fashioned and run-down. What a travesty for your customers. Some of them could be extremely put off.

Sure, this may seem an exaggerated example, but it brings home how a washroom instantly leaves an impression on the customer. In this example, will they return? One thing's for sure they'll definitely talk about it.

A negative reputation is the last thing you want, but a good reputation is only one reason to consider when fitting out your washroom.

Your washroom impacts your brand

Your washroom will affect your businesses brand. This in turn will flow on to the patronage of your business. If the washroom is dirty, old and unmaintained, your business is likely to get a bad reputation. It could attract more undesirables and your bottom line may even suffer.

Here are some reasons you need a quality commercial washroom:

  • Highlight the pride in your brand
  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Build a positive reputation
  • Help towards boosting your bottom line

There are 'must have' fittings for each type of washroom. What are those types?

Modern public washroom with mirrors and tap basins

The different types of commercial washrooms

Before you renovate or fit-out your commercial washroom, the first thing you need to know is the type of customer using it.

In our opening example, if you're doing a washroom for a high-class hotel or restaurant, then it needs to reflect the class, or the patronage will diminish.

If you're doing a washroom for a school, then aesthetics is less important, functionality and durability take over.

If you're doing a washroom for a factory, then aesthetics is a lower priority, and the most cost-effective, hardiest fittings are necessary.

If it's for a residential facility, then you will need care toilet fittings to assist with independence.

Once you determine the patronage, you can design your commercial washroom.

Must have commercial fittings for a high-class washroom

Less is more is the current trend for most washrooms with elite patronage. The washroom needs to look superior to any the clientele have ever experienced.

Fittings for high class washrooms include:

  • Internal cistern
  • Touch free electronic basin mixers
  • Smart toilets
  • Above counter bowl
  • Deluxe soap dispensers
  • and more

These are just a few 'must haves' for an elite washroom. What about a residential village washroom?

Handle security installed in residential aged-care home toilet

‘Must have’ commercial toilet fittings for a residential aged care centre

While aesthetics is important, functionality and safety is the focus in washrooms at residential aged care centres. If we go back to our starting point, who will be using these washrooms? Obviously, the patronage will be mainly the elderly and disabled.

Specific toilet fittings for a residential aged care washroom include:

  • Grab rails
  • Blue toilet seats for the vision impaired
  • Raised comfort height toilets
  • Care accessible toilet backrest
  • Electronic touch-free mixer taps
  • and more

As you can see, the washroom in a residential aged care setting is for a completely different demographic. What about a small to medium size businesses?

Must have commercial toilet fittings for a small to medium size business

When you're doing a washroom renovation or fitout for a small to medium size business, this is where you look for middle ground.

You can choose first class washroom fittings if you want, but in many cases this is not to your benefit. Your customers don't require this. Neither do they expect it. An all round aesthetically pleasing and functional washroom will do the job.

'Must have' toilet fittings for a small to medium size business include:

  • Lever basin mixer or electronic touch free mixer tap
  • Contemporary above counter or undermount bowls
  • Deluxe soap dispenser
  • Back to wall toilet (to reduce floor cleaning area)
  • Where room is tight, a hand wall basin is the perfect solution

In the case of larger businesses, such as shopping centres, a vandal proof urinal suite is an ideal fitting in the men's, such as the BPA Life Electronic Urinal Suite at Bathware Direct.

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