The latest and greatest Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020 and beyond pt. 4

 The place for all the Ins & Outs of a great shower or bath

This is number four in our series of blogs that is part of a full bathroom renovation guide.

The opening chapters looked at the bathroom design ideas, what the experts say and real-life stories to help you make the right choice in bathroom renovations for 2020.

A key was knowing exactly who the bathroom is for and what you want it to do. Now it’s the time to put the important pieces of the puzzle together – the shower or bath.

There’s a lot to the ins and outs of a great shower or bath.

The next step in having the perfect bathroom for 2020 starts now.

There’s more to the Ins & Outs of a great shower or bath tub than you think

Let’s start with your shower.

The simple shower has evolved since its first modern design in the late 1700’s. These days you have a world of choice when it comes to what type of shower you want.

Will it be a Walk-In or enclosed shower?

The first and most important question is how much space do you have?

The placement of your shower (or bath) will affect the overall use of the bathroom.

A well-placed shower means the difference between enhancing the look and feel of your bathroom or dominating and even overpowering the whole space.

It needs to be in a practical place that utilises all the elements; from the natural light to having easy access and movement throughout the room.

Mistakes to avoid at all cost

There are a few sins you can commit regarding the Ins & Outs of a great shower.

1. Having the shower beside or behind the bathroom door

    You will often have a wet area where people are coming in and out.

    This is a recipe for getting wet feet and can even be a slipping hazard.

    It limits the space to add all-important towel rails.

    The room will look and feel more cramped and uninviting.

     2. Have Wet and Dry Zones to your bathroom

    Ensuring that you have different zones to your bathroom can only be done when you place your shower in a protected area. Walk-In showers can cause unwanted water issues if the position is too close to the basin area. Even enclosed showers can bring splashes and dripping as the door is opened or the person moves to get a towel.

     3. The drying issue

    Having a towel rail or towel ladder in easy reach of the shower is another key factor. If the shower is placed in a position with little wall space, then you have the issue of how far a person needs to move to be able to dry themselves. You don’t want to be moving through the bathroom with a trail of water behind you.

     4. The Window and Natural Light

    This is more than an aesthetic point. Windows provide precious natural light. Blocking that light and the view outside can make the whole bathroom gloomy and imposing. A shower that takes up a large amount of the window is a problem. A glass shower or panel is a solution. Just ensure the window and surrounds are water-proofed and the window is opaque for privacy.

     5. Cornering

    It might seem like a good idea to have your shower or bath placed in the corner of the bathroom. There is a danger of creating an access issue if there is an adjoining bath or basin. Any layout that hampers easy entrance and exit from the shower will detract from the space saving factor. This is especially important in a smaller bathroom where every inch is precious.

     6. Clean lines and clean times

    Any clean lines throughout the bathroom add a special element and calming effect. Remember that the placement and the style of shower you choose needs to cater for the all-important issue of cleaning.

    For all the Ins & Outs on a great shower you need to think of the final piece of the puzzle. That’s the stage of choosing from the different style of shower heads. There’s a range of shower heads that include different shapes, jets, mounts and finishes. You can have a rounded Italian designed one or a square styled wonder like the Globo 200.

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