Laundry room ideas for a simple makeover

If you're like most people, the laundry is not on your list of priorities when it comes to doing a makeover. With clever laundry room ideas, you can make the space look fabulous for very little cost.

When you think about it, if your laundry is an uninspiring place, it's not good for your frame of mind. Whenever you go in there the space will make you feel down, and that will reflect on the rest of your day. It's much more enjoyable doing tasks in a beautiful space.

You don't have to spend a great deal of money to upgrade your laundry. These simple ideas will help transform the look of your laundry for minimal effort and cost.

Simple changes can make a world of difference

If budget means you can only afford a simple makeover, you can still achieve a lot. It means looking at your existing space and seeing what you can change. There are certain things you can change immediately for very little cost.

These include:

  • Tapware
  • Bowl/trough
  • Wall colours
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

By simply changing these, you can transform your old laundry.


Tapware and bowls with the power to transform

New tapware can instantly lift the level of sophistication in your laundry. Laundry mixers allow you the hand space to work unimpeded in the basin, while at the same time giving the laundry a designer feel. There are many types of laundry tapware you can choose with great functionality and style, such as a gooseneck pull out spray, or a high rise mixer with swivel function.

Replacing an old laundry bowl/trough will refresh the look. If you have an inset trough, you can usually find a designer trough the same size to replace it. This gives a fresh, shiny look to the space for minimal cost. For a little extra expense, you could enlarge the sink hole to fit a larger trough, which is even more convenient for doing tasks.

Fresh colour and lighting can really lift the mood

Wall colours play a big part in creating mood. All-white brings a refreshing, hygienic feel and makes the space look larger.

If you love colour, yellows are stunning, and bring a vibrant happy feel. Pastels create a warm, soft look. Choose a colour that makes you feel great.

Lighting can also make a big difference. An old fashioned ceiling light can be replaced with a lovely designer lamp shade. This works an absolute treat. There are a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colours you can choose from to create a lovely ambience.

Accessories can add character

You’ll be surprised the difference accessories can add to a space. It can put you in a great place while doing tasks in the laundry, lifting your frame of mind.

Some simple laundry room ideas include:

  • A picture on the wall that triggers lovely memories
  • A smart Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favourite music from your device while doing tasks
  • New laundry accessories, such as a wicker basket to add a fresh updated feel

It doesn’t take much, but the payoff is enormous.


Being creative with tile colours can lift the space to a whole new level

If the existing tiles look old fashioned or worn out, it's not going to help with the mood of the space. Investing in retiling can be worth it.

You can choose to continue the all-white design to create that hygienic, spacious feel we spoke about earlier. Oversized square or rectangular tiles are a popular choice for a modern look. There’s less grout to get dirty, and less maintenance.

Another option for the floor is going Italian or South American by choosing mosaic tiles or stone mesh patterns for the floor. With a stunning pattern using a combination of colours, it can elevate your laundry into a space that’s quite special.

This look could be created on the walls or the floor. If the walls, then keeping the floor tiles all white is the easiest way to offset the colour, and vice versa. Alternatively, with bold white skirting dividing the floor and walls, you can go with a fabulous colour scheme on the walls and floor to add real personality.

An easy solution for a full renovation

If you can afford it, instead of simple laundry room ideas, go the full renovation.

There are easy ways to go about it. Once you've removed the old cabinets, basin, and bench, you can replace them with a designer modular laundry, or with individual modular laundry cabinets and bench to suit the arrangement you'd like.

Being modular, you can shift things around to work in the space and fit in with the existing plumbing, entrance, and windows. 

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