Handy tips on how to choose the right bathroom mirror

A big, beautiful bathroom mirror is essential in your bathroom, or is it? Would a smaller mirror look as good? If you're wondering how to choose the right bathroom mirror, this guide has some handy tips to help you.

There are so many different ways you can go with bathroom mirrors. With all the different sizes, shapes and designs, you’re spoilt for choice.

Taking your time is key. There’s a huge advantage to researching different bathroom designs and considering what will work in your space. Your choice can be the difference between an ordinary result, and a result that looks sensational.

The block preventing you from choosing the right mirror

The first thing many of us need to conquer when we’re choosing a mirror in a showroom, is low self-esteem. You'll be surprised how many people find it hard buying a new mirror because they don't like what they see in the reflection.

It makes them feel self-conscious and blocks them from making a good decision. If you find it difficult looking at yourself in the mirror in public, there's a neat way to get around this.

The best tip in this case for how to choose the right bathroom mirror, is to purchase the mirror online.

Features to look for in a bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror

Now that you've found an awesome range of mirrors online, you need to work out features you want from your bathroom mirror. There are many styles available, with their own unique features and benefits.

Some of the possibilities available are:

  • Wall hung or wall mounted
  • With or without backlight
  • With or without magnifier at one edge
  • Grooming mirror with or without light, with or without magnification

Maybe you may want the best of both worlds, such as a full length mirror over the vanity, plus a small grooming mirror mounted to one side for doing make-up or shaving.

What size and shape mirror do you want?

A large, full length bathroom mirror looks fabulous in the bathroom. The thing to look out for is choosing the right width to match your vanity. What most people do is choose a mirror that's similar width to their vanity. Some designers say not to go any smaller than 70% of the width of your vanity.

A narrow, vertical mirror can work a treat when you add a stylish light or feature piece on either side to fill the space.

A wall hung bathroom mirror above the vanity looks fabulous. It adds character and gives the space a lovely warm feel.

If you have a his and hers vanity stretching from wall to wall, there are some fabulous options. A vertical mirror over each basin looks lovely. Two wall hung ornate mirrors can also look very stylish. Alternatively, one mirror to cover the entire width also works, and will make the room look a lot larger.

The thing to remember in this case for how to choose the right bathroom mirror, is to know the width of your vanity and investigate designs accordingly.

The shape of the mirror can change the feel of the room

Manufacturers of fine bathroom mirrors have come up with endless shapes and designs for you to choose from. Because of the nature of mirrors, the choice will usually determine the feel of your bathroom.

Looking at some of the options:

  • Round mirrors can bring a softness and elegance to the space
  • Square and rectangular mirrors are the traditional choice, and bring a contemporary feel. The larger they are, the more expansive they make the space look
  • A pair of full length mirrors from bench to ceiling add a creative touch, and can give the room a vertical look
  • Designer shape mirrors, such as ornate wrought iron bathroom mirrors, diamond shaped mirrors, a cluster of stone shaped mirrors, are in a category of their own. They become a feature for your bathroom

If you're thinking forward to a time when you might sell, then traditional shapes are the most obvious choice, because of their universal acceptance.

Framed or frameless bathroom mirror?

Did you ever think there'd be this much to consider when wondering how to choose the right bathroom mirror? Framed or frameless is an important feature and each give the space its own unique feel.

Timber frames create an earthy feel.

Sleek golden frames add a sense of sophistication.

Frameless gives the space a minimalist feel, there's less dust traps and less to clean, like the Ablaze Contractor Back-lit Mirror from Thermogroup available at Bathware Direct.

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