tapware australia

Just as jewellery has the power to make or break an outfit, your choice of tapware plays a similar role in defining the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Often overlooked, these dazzling fixtures deserve a moment in the spotlight - we like to think of them as a functional yet beautifying bathroom essential.

tapware australia

From the sleek and modern to intricately ornate to more classic styles, there is a piece to suit any bathroom theme or personal taste when searching for tapware in Australia. Gone are the days when faucets were simply utilitarian; now, they can be decadent pieces of design that can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. 


Selecting the right tapware finish is crucial in setting the desired ambiance in your bathroom. Different finishes can drastically alter the overall tone of the space. Take the Phoenix Vivid Slimline Floor Mounted Bath Mixer for example - the chrome finish oozes sleek modernity, while the brushed nickel option has more of a warm, soft glow. For those seeking a touch of luxury, the brushed gold option turns your tapware into an opulent piece of art.

tapware australia

For the minimalists and maximalists alike, there’s a tapware option for you at Bathware Direct. If you tend to err on the side of clean sleek lines and elegant curves, a more modest option might be best for you. The design of our Phoenix Alia Wall Top Assemblies is reduced to the most minimalistic shape, a square. Equally surprising as it is refreshing, it’s the perfect little touch of shine for your shower. If you’d rather your tapware make maximum impact on arrival, look no further than the Phoenix Toi Twin Shower / Wall Mixer. The dual rose gold and matte black is sure to become a real statement centrepiece. 

Mixing and matching different tapware elements, such as faucets, shower heads, and bath spouts, allows you to create a personalised trio that compliments your bathroom's style. Whether you prefer a cohesive look with a single finish throughout or an eclectic mix of contrasting finishes, the possibilities are endless. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to swap out and update your tapware every couple of years as your personal sense of style evolves. Tapware may be a fixture… but it’s never truly permanently fixed!

tapware australia

If your style evolves with time (say you’re no longer the sleek minimalist you once were), swapping your fixtures out is the easiest way to create a renewed sense of oomph within your space. Just as we’re probably not wearing the same daily accessories on repeat from yesteryear, our bathroom can also benefit from a refresh. The beauty of tapware lies in its versatility; whether you're aiming for a subtle makeover or a dramatic transformation, tapware gives you the freedom to choose the level of change that suits your needs.

The right choice of tapware blends both beauty and functionality, creating a sparkling center piece that ties the entire space together. From the seemingly hundreds of options in the market, tapware in Australia has evolved into much more than a basic bathroom fixture. It is the dazzling statement that adorns your bathroom, adding that touch of brilliance to your everyday moments of indulgence. (And let's face it - the bathroom is the space you want to feel total indulgence).

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for tapware in Australia, think of it as the search for the missing jewel in your bathroom’s crown - the glimmering piece of jewellery that will make your space sing!

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