laundry tubs

If you're remodelling your laundry, you'll agree it's important that it's as functional as possible. Laundry tubs that are too small are just frustrating and end up causing you more work. The question becomes ‘How big should the tub be?’

This article unpacks:

  • What size is best for you
  • Choosing the size
  • The different sizes available
  • The best tubs for rental properties
  • When a freestanding trough and cabinet is a better choice

You might find the answer to how big a trough should be, surprising as well as helpful.

What size laundry tubs are best for you?

The easiest way to work out the answer to this question is by asking yourself: how much trouble are you going to go to doing tasks in your laundry? Are you someone who's just going to hire a house cleaner? Are you going to take your clothes to a local laundry service while you sit back and enjoy life? 

Nice idea, right? Most people would prefer to have someone else do the work. It's one of the great Aussie dreams but sadly not everyone can afford that.

Let's just say you'll be doing it all yourself. The next step in deciding what size is best for you is the actual space you have in the laundry. You may have a really tight space which will mean being a bit creative with how you fit a trough in.

The key take away is, the larger the trough, the better. Here's why.  

laundry tubs

Choosing the tub size

You might think that the larger your family is, the larger the tub capacity needs to be. If you have a large family there's no doubt you'll be doing a lot of stain removal and bleaching. You're definitely going to need a large capacity trough or you'll be in the laundry all day. 

If it’s just the two of you, or you live alone, guess what? You still need a large trough. Think about it. Soaking those dirty white clothes and towels in bleach effectively to bring back that white look, needs massive tub space because of the nature of the job. Soaking these items takes up a lot of room.

Another reason bigger is better is because soaking or bleaching all your whites in one hit is the best way to go about it. You save time, energy and frustration.

Then there are the other tasks, like cleaning the end of your mop and other cleaning tools. The larger the trough, the easier to manoeuvre and clean properly.

The different sizes and designs available

Today's modern troughs look fabulous inset or undermounted and have a large capacity. Here's how they're categorised and what sizes are available:

Litre capacity. Tubs are usually categorised by how many litres of water will fit in the trough comfortably. The capacities can range from 32 litres all the way up to 70 litres.

Tub width. A wide trough is a luxury that makes doing tasks even easier. You'll find troughs from 420mm all the way up to 750mm wide.

The largest trough that works in the space, the better off you'll be. You're going to need the convenience.

The best laundry tubs for rental properties

Maybe you're asking the question, "What about my rental property?" The reality is, if you own a rental property, it's pretty important to have a large capacity trough. You never know the amount of tasks the tenant will be doing in the laundry.

For the sake of protecting your laundry from water damage, it's best to provide the tenant with the largest possible. There is another type of trough you can buy which is not just perfect for rental properties, but also for those on a really tight buget.

Which type is that?

laundry tubs

When a freestanding laundry tub and cabinet is better

Freestanding laundry units are the option we haven't spoken about yet. These are perfect for rental properties. Why? Because some tenants won't care too much about looking after your property.

This is where a freestanding laundry unit is perfect.

They are:

  • durable and simple
  • very easy to install
  • very easy to replace
  • cost effective
  • from 35 to 45 litre capacity

There's no love lost if it becomes worn or damaged over time because you can easily put in a new one cost effectively.

Freestanding laundry units are also very handy if your laundry space is limited, or your budget is tight. They're practical and have reasonably large capacities. They can also be very stylish, such as the COB & PEN designed Hando Deluxe 45litre Trough & Cabinet with 2 Drawers available at Bathware Direct.

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