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Your double towel rails Australia wide buying guide

With this handy double towel rails Australia wide buying guide, you'll be more informed to find the perfect towel rail for your bathroom.

If you're thinking of looking for European designs, think again. Australia is home to world class designers. There are fabulous home brands such as Nero, Caroma, Dorf and others offering innovative design with functionality. Aussie renovators and builders are buying the best of the best from designers right here on Australian soil.

This guide looks at:

  • the different styles available
  • finding the right match for your bathroom design
  • a smart way to create even more hanging space

Let's have a look at the types available.

The different styles of double towel rails Australia has on offer

The number of ways you can design your bathroom is endless, but you never have to worry about finding a towel rail to match with all the variations available.

Here are some of the choices:

  • Solid square with rounded or square shaped centre rail
  • Slimline square or rounded style
  • Heritage style
  • Concealed wall fittings
  • Square or round wall plates
  • Various styles of projection from the wall
  • Various lengths from 600mm all the way up to 900mm
  • Multitude of colours such as matte black, chrome, and various brushed metals

The next step is choosing the best match for your space.

towel rails Australia

Finding the right match for your bathroom design   

The key is to find one that fits in with your design seamlessly. This will mean considering your tapware, tiles, colour scheme and overall bathroom look when you make your choice. The towel rail must be comfortably at home with not just one, but all of these.

Here are some examples for what goes with what.

Your Tapware: Remember, if you have square tapware, the rule of thumb is being consistent with a square look in all the fittings. Same goes the other way around. If the tapware is rounded, then rounded towel rails are normally the best match.

Your Tiles: If your floor is a beautiful splash of colour, then choosing a towel rail in one of the most predominant colours can work really well. This keeps the colour alive in the space. You could also play it safe with shiny chrome which is the 'go to' colour when you want a guaranteed match. 

Bathrooms featuring greys and blacks: Many designer bathrooms feature blacks or greys. This is where fittings with a square design works well. Your immediate thought might be to match the bathroom design with a chunky square matte black or gunmetal grey towel rail. These are certainly excellent options, but choosing a contrasting colour to offset it can also work a treat. Chrome and brushed nickel are fabulous options to offset heavy grey or black bathroom features. Gold can also work well in a black space.

Heritage style bathrooms: You might think you need to match this space with a heritage style towel rail. This is often a sensible choice and continues the theme, but many contemporary rounded styles also work in a heritage space. Thinking outside the square can create a really unique and eye catching look.

Colourful bathrooms: Towel rails come in a variety of different colours so matching the colour of your walls with the same colour towel rail won't be too difficult. This maintains a seamless look. You could also choose a white towel rail, or default to a shiny chrome style which fits in with any bathroom design.

A smart way to create even more hanging space

By choosing two identical double towel rails Australia made, you’ll know the quality of manufacture and you can install them in a ladder formation on the wall. This instantly doubles your hanging capacity. Having the first one wall mounted approximately 900mm from the floor, then the second matching one approximately 600mm above that brings a great look.

All of a sudden you have hanging space in a ladder style for 4 towels.

You could even mount a third matching one about 600mm above the second one. It's a longer ladder look and you now have hanging space for 6 towels. The beauty of this is, the design doesn't use any more space than having one double towel rail.

This is a great solution for bathrooms with limited space. The ladder effect also looks sensational in large bathrooms.

Choose one of the double towel rails Australia has fallen for, such as the Nero Bianca Double Towel Rail 800mm Chrome available at Bathware Direct.

towel rails Australia

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