Fine Fireclay and the qualities it can bring to your home

A thing of beauty will always stand the test of time.

Fine fireclay is something with which to create something beautiful and long lasting.

This is true of the best made fine fireclay sinks that have always proven their worth and wonder throughout the years.

A classic style and charm can be added to your home thanks to the benefits of fine fireclay.

What exactly is Fine Fireclay?

Fireclay is quite a generic term for refractory clay – that is clay than can be fired to an extremely high temperature without melting or deforming. Fireclays are useful in the making of everything from bricks to tiles and even sculptures.

The clay is only found in certain areas of the world. It is carefully mixed with water, poured into molds, and dried in humidity-controlled rooms.

Fine fireclay is created by firing the clay at a temperature over 1600 F until the clay is transformed into a highly durable and resistant material. A special glaze coating is fused with the fireclay body during the firing process.

The end result is a fully natural product that is thermal shock and stain resistant.

It’s no wonder that fine fireclay sinks have remained popular for more than 200 years.

Keeping the look and style for years to come

With just a light and simple maintenance routinge fine fireclay can look as shining new for years and year. Because of its heavy-duty manufacture, fireclay won’t crack or discolour and stain like other sink materials. It is a 100% natural material that is both acid and alkali-resistant.

To maintain fine fireclay sinks, all you need to do is wipe the sink down with a soft, dry cloth after each use. This will prevent any water spots from forming.

A fireclay sink can handle the rigours of abrasive cleaning better than cast iron enamel sinks.

Because the clay and glaze are specially fused together, your sink is resistant to staining especially when it comes to berries, coffee and other foods that can stain. All you need to do is wipe away and the dangers of damage are gone.

The long list of benefits that fine fireclay sinks can bring

Quality fine fireclay sinks are made with special care. The leading names are almost always handmade and specially coated in a high grade glaze coating.

Because it boasts a non-porous surface, a fine fireclay sink is;

  • Crack, Impact and Stain resistant
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Extremely hygienic and fully Food Safe
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Designed for heavy use

The higher quality fine fireclay is 100% organic and a fully recyclable material.

It’s easy to see why these special sinks have never gone out of fashion and are in hot demand again.

A charm and stylishness

Having a strong and durable fine fireclay sink is one thing. Having that enduring quality in a sophisticated style adds value to your home.

Whether it’s a unique handmade Heritage charm or a fashionable touch to a contemporary kitchen or laundry, you can’t go past the qualities of fine fireclay.

There are some simply stunning varieties of fine fireclay sinks and you no longer have to break your budget to reap the rewards.

The added advantage is that your sink is resistant to the hazards of thermal shock. That is when the temperature dramatically drops or soars – as in the case of pouring boiling water on a freezing cold surface.

Fine fireclay can handle this drastic temperature change. That’s added peace of mind.

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