7 Easy Bathroom DIYs You Won’t Need A Tradie For
The word ‘renovations’ usually conjures up images of tradies operating heavy duty tools, likely  making a total mess of dust and plaster in the process! Not to mention, the grey-hair inducing bill that goes along with it. What if we were to tell you that you could give your bathroom a facelift without all of that?

There’s a stack of DIY options out there to take your bathroom to new heights, many of which you can complete all by yourself (and can save you a stack of money along the way). Within reason, of course - we’re not talking ripping out your bathroom plumbing or updating your electrical, (definitely use a licensed professional for those kind of updates). Keep reading for  some ideas to get you started - all of which you can find at our Bathroom Direct showroom and online store.

1. Upgrade Your Fixtures: Tapware Facelift
One of the easiest and most impactful changes you can make to your bathroom is updating the fixtures. Swapping out an old, dated tap for a sleek, modern design can instantly elevate the entire space. Most faucets come with straightforward installation instructions, making it perfect for DIYers.

Note - make sure you turn off the water supply before you begin.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Frame Your Reflection
This simple and cost effective DIY adds a touch of elegance to any space. We can’t get enough of the LED mirrors that have taken over the mirror world. Not only are they a practical investment, they help to create a calming mood with their soft lighting that lifts the entire mood of the space. Super easy to install, you can tick this one off in just one afternoon.

3. Shower Power: Revitalise with a new Shower Head
The shower is undisputedly one of life’s daily pleasures, however your showerhead can make or break that experience. A relatively low budget upgrade, this DIY is also relatively easy too! All you’ll need is an adjustable wrench, and Bob’s your uncle! Warning: you may not ever want to leave your shower once this upgrade is finished.

4. Cabinet Couture: Paint and Refresh
An easy way to breathe new life into a tired old space is to revamp the cabinetry. Often a major cost in renovations, painting your existing cabinets are a great way to freshen them up without the price tag. Invest in some quality brushes and painters tape, and you'll be well on your way. While we don’t stock paint in our Bathroom Direct showroom or online store, our interior stylists are well placed to advise on colour palettes and themes.

Note - once you start painting you might find it hard to stop. Kitchen cabinets beware!
5. Toilet Transformation: Swap out the Seat
For complete peace of mind when sitting on the throne, how about installing a brand new toilet seat? Available in an assortment of colours, textures and materials, it’s one place in the bathroom that often gets overlooked and forgotten about. Make sure you’ve got that adjustable wrench handy, and you’ll have a brand new looking tooter in no time.

6. Robe Royalty: Ready and Waiting
Once you step out of the bath or shower, be greeted with a robe at a place and height that’s most convenient for you. Our selection of robe hooks are super DIY friendly and allow you to add a touch of elegance to your space. Both organised and practical, it’s a super quick DIY that’ll make all the difference.

7. Heated Towel: Luxury at Home
You’ve most likely already got a towel rack already installed, but how about upgrading for experience, as opposed to just aesthetics? Once you experience the sensation of a crisp warm towel meeting your skin, you’ll never want to go back. Easy to tackle, don’t leave a heated towel rail off your DIY list.
Note - you might not need a tradie, but you do need a co-pilot to help you install this one.

Your bathroom DIY doesn’t have to involve blood, sweat, tears (or a tradie!). Our list of DIY friendly upgrades will have your bathroom feeling like a totally transformed space in no time. From stylish fixtures to elegant functional accessories, the Bathroom Direct showroom and online store everything you need to turn your bathroom dreams into a reality. Happy renovating!